Feast of Winter Veil
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Duration December 16 - January 2
Boss The Abominable Greench
Highlights Greatfather Winter
Winter Veil presents
Metzen the Reindeer
The Abominable Greench
Other events
Preceded by Warcraft's Anniversary, Pilgrim's Bounty
Followed by New Year (concurrent)
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The subject of this article or section is part of Feast of Winter Veil, a seasonal event that lasts several weeks. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next year, but there are no guarantees.

Winter Veil image from 2019.

The Feast of Winter Veil, also called the feast of Great-Winter, or simply Winter Veil[1][2] or Winter's Veil,[3] is an in-game, end-of-year, several week long holiday event seeming to be the in-game counterpart of Christmas and other holidays at the end of the year.

From the World of Warcraft calendar:

Greatfather Winter is visiting the cities of Ironforge and Orgrimmar, courtesy of Smokywood Pastures. And throughout Azeroth, it is the season to be jolly!

New in 2021

The Magical Sleigh Ride

During the Feast of Winter Veil, many special decorations appear in capital cities.

Info from the official site

Goldshire decorated for Winter Veil

'Twas the feast of Great-Winter
And all through the land
All the races were running
With snowballs in hand.

The cooks were all frantic
And for those "in the know"
Swoops and owls were crashing
Like new-fallen snow.

Cookies and eggnog
Were consumed by all
As the snowballs flew freely
And drunks smashed into walls.

May your feast of Great-Winter
Be one merry and bright
And from all here at Blizzard
We wish you a fun night!

The Feast of Winter Veil is upon us, and Greatfather Winter is busy spreading holiday cheer in major cities across the land! Here are a few holiday treats players can now experience in-game:

  • The Jinglepocket Goblins have set up their seasonal fare shops in major cities. Adventurers can purchase many holiday favorites - including Greatfather's Winter ale, candy canes, gingerbread cookie recipes, and mistletoe.
  • All the cheer-spreading is making Greatfather Winter hungry, and he is looking for adventurers to get him his daily fix of milk and cookies.
  • Smokeywood Pastures needs a few brave adventurers to investigate the disappearance of a shipment of holiday goods traveling though Alterac.[4]


Greatfather Winter is said to bring snow across the land.

The later seasons of Azeroth are marked as a time of change in many cultures. The dwarves and the tauren especially look to the legend of the coming Winter Veil - the blanketing of the land in snow, thus heralding a time of renewal - as a time for celebration. Though the understanding of the legends that the races of Azeroth share are not dissimilar, the ways they choose to acknowledge them are as diverse as the races themselves. The term "Winter Veil" is said to stem from a supernatural being referred in many cultures to as Greatfather Winter. As he would walk the land late in the seasons, winter itself would be his billowing cloak. In his wake was the blanketing of the land in snow, and thus it is said that Greatfater Winter would cast his wintry veil over the land. Though parts of Azeroth may lie in snow, it gives the land time for rebirth and renewal.[5]

Ever consumed with the research of their origins, the dwarves choose to celebrate the season as a recognition of Greatfather Winter himself. They consider him to be the personification of one of the ancients of Azeroth - the Titans. Much as they claim lineage in one degree or another to these mystical beings, they consider their snowy home of Dun Morogh as the prime example of Greatfather Winter's blessings.[5] The holiday was introduced to the Alliance at large by Muradin Bronzebeard.[6]

The tauren and their shamanistic understanding of winter, along with their recent emergence into druidic endeavors, fit in well with the legend of Winter Veil. They focus almost entirely on the renewing aspects of the lore, however, leaving legend worship to those races (as they view it) less in tune with the nature of things. Many tauren choose this time as the right time to give thanks for the blessings of their new home in Mulgore.[5]


Winter Veil gifts in Ironforge

Near the end of the Feast of Winter Veil (starting on December 25 to the end of the event), various gifts are available underneath the trees near Greatfather Winter in Ironforge, and Great-father Winter in Orgrimmar.

While some of the gifts are available to all, you must be at least a certain level to receive others.

# Gift Min
Quest Contents
1  [Gently Shaken Gift] 1 N [10-60] A Gently Shaken Gift  [Rockin' Rollin' Racer Customizer 19.9.3]
2  [Winter Veil Gift] 10 N [10-60] A Winter Veil Gift  [Rockin' Rollin' Racer Pack]
3  [Carefully Wrapped Present] 1 N [1-60] A Carefully Wrapped Present 1-5x  ["Merry Munchkin" Costume],
5x  [Winter Veil Cookie],
Chance of a cosmetic sock
4  [Festive Gift] 10 N [10-60] A Festive Gift  [Wand of Holiday Cheer]
5  [Gaily Wrapped Present] 20 N [10-60] A Gaily Wrapped Present One of:
 [Green Helper Box]
 [Red Helper Box]
 [Snowman Kit]
 [Jingling Bell]
6  [Ticking Present] 40 N [10-60] A Ticking Present  [Mechanical Greench],
5x  [Preserved Holly],
Chance of another recipe

Holiday-only items

Great-father Winter's ride

There are several special items and plans that are only available during the Feast of Winter Veil.

Cosmetics and armor


Thirty-six toys are available, most of which are exclusive to Winter Veil:

Seven toys are sold by vendors year-round:

There are other toys available during the event:

This year's gifts are:  [Rockin' Rollin' Racer Customizer 19.9.3] and  [Rockin' Rollin' Racer Pack].

Previous-year gifts are only found in the  [Stolen Present] (daily):

 [Scroll of Storytelling] has a chance to drop from the  [Stolen Present].

Note that there are two versions of  [The Pigskin] listed. Both can be acquired and added to the Toy Box, as they have different item IDs. One version was the 2012-gift (and awarded the Feat of Strength  [They're Both Footballs?]), while the other version is sold by toy vendors for 40g, but acquiring the vendor-sold items will not award the feat. The achievement-criteria item can rarely be found in the  [Stolen Present].


Eleven pets are available during Winter Veil:

One pet spawns as a battle pet in the Giant Snow Globes:

One pet is sold by toy vendors year round and is also rarely found in the  [Stolen Present]:

Four pets are only found in the  [Stolen Present] (daily):

One of four pets is found in the  [Gaily Wrapped Present] (one-time per character each year, requires level 20):

One pet is rarely found in Snow Mounds in the quest area of Frostfire Ridge:

Crafting recipes

Sent in a letter from Greatfather Winter, players with Cooking, Leatherworking, or Tailoring skills will receive:

Vendors sell the following recipes:

Inside the  [Ticking Present] (from December 25 to January 2) or the  [Smokywood Pastures Special Gift] (quest reward from saving Metzen), players may find:

Food and drink

Inv drink 15.png 5x [Blended Bean Brew]
1s 25c
Inv misc food 10.png 5x [Graccu's Homemade Meat Pie]
Inv food christmasfruitcake 01.png 5x [Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake]
99g 99s
Inv drink 13.png [Greatfather's Winter Ale]
Inv drink milk 05.png 5x [Green Garden Tea]
Inv misc food 03.png 5x [Holiday Cheesewheel]
1s 25c
Inv misc food 99.png 5x [Honeyed Holiday Ham]
Inv drink 22.png 5x [Sparkling Apple Cider]
Inv misc food 49.png 5x [Spicy Beefstick]
Inv drink 11.png [Steamwheedle Fizzy Spirits]
1s 50c

General goods

Vendors in Alliance and Neutral cities have the Red Winter Clothes pattern available for sale, while vendors in Horde cities have the Green Winter Clothes pattern. (Note: It is possible to acquire the other faction's winter clothes pattern because the associated vendors are neutral to all players, but be prepared to die multiple times due to PvP attacks and city guards.)

Item Cost
5x  [Snowball] 10c
 [Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper] 10c
 [Green Ribboned Wrapping Paper] 10c
 [Purple Ribboned Wrapping Paper] 10c
5x  [Holiday Spices] 10c
 [Holiday Spirits] 50c
5x  [Candy Cane] 25c
 [Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater] 22c
 [Winter Veil Chorus Book] 52c
 [Recipe: Gingerbread Cookie] 25c
 [Recipe: Winter Veil Egg Nog] 2s 40c
 [Pattern: Green Winter Clothes] (H) 50s
 [Pattern: Red Winter Clothes] (A/N) 50s
 [Pattern: Winter Boots] 50s
 [Recipe: Hot Apple Cider] 1g

Winter Hats

During the Feast of Winter Veil, some bosses now have a festive holiday hat equipped with a chance of dropping that hat. An extension to this, the winter hats also have an extremely low chance to drop from any humanoid.

 [Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat]
 [Finely-Tailored Red Holiday Hat]
 [Green Winter Hat]
 [Red Winter Hat]


The Abominable Greench

There are three sets of quests available during Winter Veil. First, a quick intro to the holiday itself and a short fetch quest:

  1. A [10-60] Greatfather Winter is Here! / H [10-60] Great-father Winter is Here!
  2. A [10-60] Treats for Greatfather Winter / H [10-60] Treats for Great-father Winter

Another quest series reveals some of the history of Winter Veil, and awards some reputation with the home city.

  1. B [10-60] The Reason for the Season
  2. B [10-60] The Feast of Winter Veil

The last set introduces the daily boss up in Alterac Mountains, The Abominable Greench:

  1. B [30s-60G Daily] You're a Mean One...
  2. B [10-60] A Smokywood Pastures' Thank You!


Note: This list is up to date as of Patch 9.2.0

Other info

Former CM avatars

  • January 2 is the last day of the Feast of Winter Veil.
  • Kissing a 'Neutral Winter Reveler' under a mistletoe will magically create for you 5 sprigs of  [Mistletoe] or 5  [Handful of Snowflakes]. You can also get  [Fresh Holly] (x5), which can be used to transform your mount into a reindeer for thirty minutes.
  • There are snow mounds, Holiday Snow, in the snowy parts of the Alterac Mountains and across Dun Morogh during this event. You can pick up Snowballs off them. They used to have a knock back effect, but that has been changed.
  • There are special Hardpacked Snowdrifts in Alterac Valley during this event. You can pick 5 Hardpacked Snowballs off them. They have a knock back and dismount effect so use them wisely.
  • The Winter Wondervolt Machine is available in or just outside of several cities to transform your character's appearance into a Winter Veil gnome. Your gnome outfit is randomly red or green.
  • Around this event, Community Manager avatars would become a festive snowman icon, shown to the right. This stopped with the new forum system.

In Hearthstone

A card back themed after Winter Veil in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.
  • In Hearthstone, the Winter Veil Wreath card back was rewarded for winning in the Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl. The flavor text reads: "A beautiful Winter Veil wreath around a snow globe full of THE FROSTY DESTRUCTION OF YOUR OPPONENTS! I mean, good cheer."


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