For the Legion crafting reagent, see  [Felhide].
  • Fel Hide
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 12s 50c

Fel Hide is a hide is received by skinning demons in the Outland. Higher level demons have a greater chance of producing a Fel Hide.

Apparently there are some exceptions to this, as you can skin these from the Warp Chasers in the southeastern part of Netherstorm and from the Spawn of Uvuros, which count as Beast, in Shadowmoon Valley as well.

As an ingredient


A decent source for Fel Hides are the Artifact Seeker felhounds at Arklon Ruins in Netherstorm, southeast of Area 52. If you are level 70 with a flying mount, you can also skin Wrath Hounds at Forge Camp: Wrath in Blade's Edge Mountains. An additional source are the Skettis Blackwind Warp Chasers.

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