For Fel Imp lore, see Fel Imp. For the spell to summon a Fel Imp, see [Summon Fel Imp]. For other uses, see Fel Imp (disambiguation).

The Fel Imp is a demonic minion, available at level 75. It is unlocked by the talent [Grimoire of Supremacy] and replaces the Imp.


As a warlock minion, the Fel Imp possesses two ability replacing two of the Imp's.


  • "Uh, 'scuse me, don't talk to me like I'm one of those PATHETIC CREATURES YOU HAD WHEN YOU STARTED OUT!"
  • "What are you thinkin'?"
  • "This is why we get along."
  • "Yeah! It's fighting time!"
  • "Gonna make it home just in time to reach the Nether Shore."
  • "Gimme five! Way up high! Way down low... Too slow!"
  • "You ever wanna kick back, pound down a few ales, you let this imp know, mkay?"
  • "Cool story bro, gotta go!"
"So I was out with a bunch of my imp buddies when we saw this total hottie... Sadly by the time we reached her she burned to death."
  • "It's burnin time!"
  • "Let's heat things up!"
  • "Yeah... I'll be right behind you."
  • "Yeah yeah... I'll clean up your mess."
  • "You rang? I deliver."
  • "Laughs* Needed a little extra firepower?"
  • "Yo... My favorite warlock! Hey did you catch that arena match last night? Mhm..."
  • "Hey hey hey! Needed a wingman, huh?"


The Fel Imp is voiced by Richard Horvitz.

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