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Fel wolf

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Not to be confused with Felhound.

Fel wolves are ether skeletal demonic-wolves brought to life by the Shadow Council or wolves corrupted by fel magic. They are found on alternate Draenor.





As a mount

 [Infernal Direwolf] is rewarded from [Glory of the Hellfire Raider].

As a companion pet

 [A Tiny Infernal Collar] is rewarded from N [100] A Fel Puppy Of My Own.

As a hunter pet

Living fel wolves are normally not tamable by hunters. The only exception is Felbound Wolf, which can be made tamable as part of the wolf family by using  [Vial of Fel Cleansing].

Skeletal fel wolves are tamable as part of the hound family. They are classed as undead beasts; only undead hunters can tame them by default while hunters of other races must first learn the skill from a  [Simple Tome of Bone-Binding].