Image of Fela
Title <Heavy Armor Merchant>
Gender Female
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Thunder Bluff
Location Thunder Bluff
Status Alive

Fela is a tauren heavy armor vendor located on the middle rise in Thunder Bluff.

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

During the feast for the Highmountain tauren, she was trapped by the Void.[1]


Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Item Cost
 [Augmented Chain Belt] 46s 37c
 [Augmented Chain Boots] 69s 28c
 [Augmented Chain Bracers] 46s 71c
 [Augmented Chain Gloves] 46s 88c
 [Augmented Chain Helm] 71s 62c
 [Augmented Chain Leggings] 91s 88c
 [Augmented Chain Vest] 91s 54c
 [Crested Heater Shield] 1g 68s 92c
 [Grunt's Chain Belt] 92s 28c
 [Grunt's Chain Boots] 1g 37s 89c
 [Grunt's Chain Bracers] 92s 98c
 [Grunt's Chain Circlet] 1g 44s 28c
 [Grunt's Chain Gloves] 93s 33c
 [Grunt's Chain Leggings] 1g 86s 30c
 [Grunt's Chain Vest] 1g 87s
 [Grunt's Plate Armor] 1g 97s 64c
 [Grunt's Plate Belt] 99s 74c
 [Grunt's Plate Boots] 1g 49s
 [Grunt's Plate Bracers] 90s 87c
 [Grunt's Plate Gloves] 91s 22c
 [Grunt's Plate Helm] 1g 36s 84c
 [Grunt's Plate Leggings] 1g 82s 12c
 [Heavy Pavise] 80s 89c
 [Kite Shield] 44s 93c
 [Metal Buckler] 75s 23c
 [Ornate Buckler] 1g 55s 91c
 [Polished Scale Belt] 24s 80c
 [Polished Scale Boots] 37s 6c
 [Polished Scale Bracers] 25s
 [Polished Scale Gloves] 25s 8c
 [Polished Scale Leggings] 50s 8c
 [Polished Scale Vest] 50s 26c
 [Reinforced Targe] 36s 81c

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