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Faction/Affiliation Burning Legion, Illidari
Language(s) Eredun

Felbats or fel bats are a race of winged, gargoyle-like demons. The Burning Legion breeds them as flying mounts for their soldiers,[1] but many felbats have also been enslaved by the Illidari as mounts.[2]

A felbat's fire never burns its master.[3] Felbats breed like rabbits.[4] They see light on a different wavelength than most other races, as seen when Lixahl observed the Slayer and the Illidari. It seems that their vision is focused on magic or fel.[5] Their bodies stink of sulfur.[6] While adult felbats have two wings, two arms, and two legs, their pups resemble normal bats in that they have only two wings and two legs.[3][7]



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Several felbats served Highlord Xaraax in the Hidden citadel in the Hellfire Peninsula some time after the Cataclysm on Azeroth. They fought against Makasa Flintwill's army when they attacked the stronghold in order to free Aramar and Greydon Thornes. After Malus killed Xaraax on the top of the citadel and was transformed by fel, he called his demonic minions and the felbats came, fighting against the former Hidden and Makasa's closest friends. As they fought, Karrga and Throgg played the whack-a-bat game. Eventually, most demons were defeated and when Malus died, the rest of the felbats dispersed in all directions, fleeing the citadel.[6]

Third invasion

A swarm of felbats in Fault Lines.

Two felbats in Harbingers.

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A vast number of felbats participated in the third invasion of Azeroth.

A large felbat breeding ground is located on Mardum. The Illidari have been capturing the pups and trying to train them up for their efforts against the Legion, but have recently also captured the matriarch, Lixahl, which the Slayer must pummel into submission, pursue and finally defeat before being able to bond with her.[5]

They were also encountered on Niskara, Argus, and Invasion Points.




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Felbat Pup

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Zelfrax—a gargoyle-like demon haunting Dustwallow Marsh—and the shadowbats—creatures used as mounts by the Highborne during the War of the Ancients—may be related to felbats. However, it should be noted that Zelfrax is intelligent and able to speak, whereas felbats seem to be entirely non-sentient.