Felbound Beasts

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NeutralFelbound Beasts
Start Nighthuntress Syrenne
End Nighthuntress Syrenne [55.8, 42.2]
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Hunter Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 2000 Order Resources
19g 40s
Previous N Hunter [110] Taking Control
Next N Hunter [110] Ready to Strike


Kill Nightborne Trappers and free Felbound beasts.


So Reyln is taking orders from Lexera? Why am I not surprised. She seemed far too comfortable with the demons who infested our city.

We cannot let her succeed in corrupting Suramar's wildlife. I swore to protect the city of Suramar from all enemies, even those within its walls.

If you can deal with her trappers, I will do my best to track Nighthuntress Lexera down.


You will receive: 19g 40s
Inv misc questionmark.png 2000x Order Resources


I will not let Lexera harm these lands.


You continue to surprise me, outsider.



  1. N Hunter [110] Devastating Effects
  2. N Hunter [110] Soothing Wounds
  3. N Hunter [110] The Nighthuntress Beckons
  4. N Hunter [110] Taking Control
  5. N Hunter [110] Felbound Beasts
  6. N Hunter [110] Ready to Strike
  7. N Hunter [110] Unnatural Consequences & N Hunter [110] Salvation
  8. N Hunter [110] Secured Surroundings
  9. N Hunter [110] Champion: Nighthuntress Syrenne

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