Felcloth Gloves

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Felcloth Gloves are a nice pair of Tailoring-made gloves for spellcasters. The only problem with these gloves is that it requires the tailor to acquire six [Demonic Runes] since they are Soulbound.


Felcloth Gloves are crafted with Tailoring (300); taught by  [Pattern: Felcloth Gloves], once found in Knot Thimblejack's Cache.

Materials required:
Inv fabric purplefire 02.png 12x [Bolt of Runecloth] Inv fabric felrag.png 20x [Felcloth]
Inv misc rune 04.png 6x [Demonic Rune] Spell shadow shadetruesight.png 8x [Essence of Undeath]
Spell shadow antimagicshell.png 2x [Rune Thread]

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