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Image of Felgrim
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Warlock
Affiliation(s) Horde, Garad'kra
Location Unknown
Status Active
Companion(s) Unnamed voidwalker
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Felgrim is a Forsaken warlock and member of the Garad'kra.


Felgrim's welcome

Felgrim's reception upon his arrival to Orgrimmar.

Felgrim was the one who gathered the ingredients for Grand Apothecary Putress' New Plague, which was used to kill living and undead alike at the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, though he didn't know at the time what Putress intended. Felgrim's role in the Wrathgate became widely known, and many sought revenge against him. The warlock grew weary of the suspicion directed towards him, and reacted harshly to any sign of it.

After the Cataclysm, Felgrim was chosen to represent the Forsaken in the Garad'kra militia. Immediately upon arriving to Orgrimmar on a zeppelin from the Undercity, he was surrounded by masked orcs who wanted to punish him for his past actions. The Garad'kra commander Shagara intervened and informed the orcs that Felgrim was under the militia's protection. The orcs began to disperse, but Felgrim suddenly killed them by incinerating them with fel fire. He then warned his new teammates not to interfere in his affairs again. At the Garad'kra assembly in the Ring of Valor, Felgrim mocked his teammate Ashra for having been beaten by Shagara in a duel, until the latter interrupted their bickering.

Ashra healing Felgrim

Ashra healing Felgrim's arm with the Light.

Felgrim accompanied his team on their first mission of dealing with Aratas' centaur army. During their first confrontation with the centaur in the Northern Barrens, Felgrim used his magic and his voidwalker to decimate the perfect ones' reinforcements, with Ashra watching his back. After the battle, Ashra healed an injury to Felgrim's arm with the Light (causing the Forsaken extreme pain in the process). Following information from the centaur Dorthar, the Garad'kra set out on a zeppelin journey to Desolace to strike at Aratas' army directly. During the voyage, Ashra asked Felgrim about the incident with the orcs in Orgrimmar, and the warlock explained his involvement with the Wrathgate. This infuriated Ashra, who had lost several brethren to the plague.

On arrival in Desolace, Ironhoof and Shagara formed a plan to stop the centaur army by killing Aratas, even if it meant their own deaths, while Malgar and Dorthar would free the orc slaves. In the ensuing battle, the Garad'kra started to lose against Aratas' perfect ones until Malgar joined them and turned the tide. Rada'jin died from one of Aratas' spears meant for Malgar, and the khan retreated into Maraudon with the unconscious Shagara to sacrifice her to his elemental father.

Rada'jin's death caused the Garad'kra to immediately fall back into disagreements until Malgar declared that he was going after Shagara, which convinced the others to follow him. Inside Maraudon, Aratas summoned his "father", and the Garad'kra stopped to fight it while Malgar followed the centaur. The elemental proved to be impervious to all of Felgrim, Ironhoof, and Ashra's attacks, and the battle seemed lost until Malgar and Shagara returned with Aratas' spear, the elemental's only weakness. After the others used their abilities to create an opening, Ashra used the spear to destroy the elemental.

Ashra and Felgrim in Org

Felgrim and Ashra reconciling over a drink in Orgrimmar.

Back in Orgrimmar weeks later, during a visit to the Wyvern's Tail, Ashra told Felgrim that he had misjudged him. Felgrim disagreed, stating that there was no excuse for his role in creating the plague. Ashra replied that he forgave the warlock nevertheless. The two of them then hurried to join the others and witness Dorthar joining the Horde.[1]


  • "I am never but one."[2]
  • "Do you know nothing of the Forsaken? We have seen death, and it holds no weight over us. I wonder, centaur, can you say the same?"[3]
  • "I assisted Putress in the creation of the new plague used to destroy the living and undead alike. It was I who gathered the materials that formed the grim weapon."[4]
  • Centaur: "The orc's arrow will not save you, corpse."
    Felgrim: "You are correct, beast. I cannot be saved!"[5]
  • "There is no excuse for what I did. My hand helped in creating the plague used at the Wrath Gate. It does not matter whether I knew their intentions or not. If I truly had honor, I would have questioned the Grand Apothecary."[6]


  • In Beginnings & Ends, the precursor comic to Bloodsworn, Felgrim is seen attacking a human caravan traveling through a forest and sending his voidwalker against them.



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