Felnok Steelspring (quest)

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NeutralFelnok Steelspring
Start Tinkee Steamboil
End Felnok Steelspring
Level 54 (Requires 50)
Category Burning Steppes
Experience 3900 (23s 40c at max level)
Reputation Everlook +75
Previous N [52] Broodling Essence
Next N [54] Chillwind Horns

Felnok Steelspring is part of the Dawn's Gambit quest chain.


Give Tinkee's Letter to Felnok Steelspring.


I have another favor to ask of you.

My initial study of the essence you collected shows that it might be possible to freeze dragon whelp eggs and preserve them! I want to test this theory, but first I need specially made engineering components. My colleague, Felnok Steelspring, can make them.

Here, take this letter to Felnok. It tells him what I need. You'll find Felnok in Winterspring, in the town of Everlook.


It's cold up here! I hope you brought me a blanket!


That's no blanket! But what have we here? A letter from Tinkee? I wonder what she has to say...

Ah, she's studying in the Burning Steppes. That makes sense—that's a good source for dragonkin. Oh, but look! It says here that she needs some parts for a device she wants to build. I guess that's where I come in, eh?


  1. N [52] Broodling Essence
  2. N [54] Felnok Steelspring
  3. N [54] Chillwind Horns
  4. N [54] Return to Tinkee
  5. N [60R] Tinkee Steamboil (optional?)
  6. N [60R] Egg Freezing
  7. N [60R] Egg Collection
  8. N [60D] Leonid Barthalomew
  9. N [60D] Betina Bigglezink
  10. N [60D] Dawn's Gambit

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