NeutralNeedlerock / Felrock
Main leader IconSmall StoneTrogg.gif Borlock
  Formerly IconSmall StoneTrogg.gif Bouldergut †
Race(s) IconSmall StoneTrogg.gif Stone trogg
Base of operations Needlerock Slag
Theater of operations Deepholm
Status Active

The Needlerock stone troggs are located in Needlerock Chasm and Needlerock Slag in the Deepholm. They were led by Bouldergut until his death by the hands of the adventurers of the Alliance and Horde during Cataclysm era.

Bouldergut was later succeeded by Borlock.[1] During the Burning Legion's third invasion, the stone troggs witnessed the Doomhammer entering the Deepholm. Therazane correctly suspected that Geth'xun corrupted them, becoming the Felrock in service of the Burning Legion. They invaded the Pale Roost[2] where they tormented stone drakes. There, they were attacked by the Farseer of the Earthen Ring.[3] Subsequently, Therazane sent Aeosera and her drakes to attack the trogg chasm and kill Borlock. Near Borlock, two fel pools were seen.




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