• Felslate
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 17s 50c

Felslate is an ore introduced in Legion that can be found all around the Broken Isles.


According to Brann Bronzebeard, felslate's origin is from the battles of the War of the Ancients.

It is a remarkably heavy ore that hums with dark, malevolent energy, and seems to darken and hiss at one's touch.[1][2] It is the crystallized blood of demons,[3][4] but grows on infernals as well.[5]

When hammered, felslate gives off tremendous energy and special anvils are required for blacksmithing.[6] When smelted with one part felslate and two parts leystone, Demonsteel is produced.[7]

Placing felslate inside one's body allows one to mine it. According to Felsmith Nal'ryssa, "To mine for felslate is to seek the very blood of demons. To improve at it, you must become part demon yourself." And, "...three is the magic number. You do not want any less felslate in your body...and you CERTAINLY don't want any more." She then hammers three very small shards of felslate into the player's arm, with the final shard going in their wrist.[3]

After placing three pieces of felslate into your arm, Nal'ryssa warns "you may experience some stray urges to burn worlds and sow chaos for the next week or so."[3]

If one overloads their body with felslate, they can succumb to the will of Sargeras, and become more demon than not as they are tempted to replace more of their body with felslate.[8] For demons, the ore can be used to replace limbs,[9] and even act as fully-functioning organs, such as a heart and eyes.[10][11]

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