The Feral Scar is a tribe[1] of yetis living in Feralas. Their leader is also named Feral Scar.[2]

In the past, several Feral Scar yetis fought against Varian Wrynn in Dire Maul.[3]

Since the Cataclysm, the Feral Scar yetis flourished and their hide was thought to have become stronger[4] compared to several years ago.[5]


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A yeti and gnoll feast.

The bulk of the population once lived in Feral Scar Vale, but they were driven east by the Gordunni ogres who cut down trees, forcing them into conflict with the Woodpaw gnolls before they continued farther east, to a place they called the haven.[2]

Some time after the Cataclysm, many of them were killed or enslaved by the Gordunni ogres to fight in their gladiatorial fights in Dire Maul.[1] It's also implied that they were being enslaved before that.[6]

Aramar Thorne and his group helped Feral Scar in defeating the ogres that attacked them in the haven which eventually let the yetis to ally with the gnolls to battle the ogres together. To celebrate the new alliance, the yetis, the gnolls, and Aram's group had a feast at the new Woodpaw village.[7]

Feral Scar and his yetis responded to Makasa Flintwill's letters asking them to assist in Aram's rescue from the Hidden citadel in Hellfire Peninsula on Outland. After Feral Scar "made deal" with some pirates to transport the yetis and the Woodpaw gnolls to the Eastern Kingdoms, they reunited with their friends in the Dark Portal valley in the Blasted Lands. Upon marching the army, the yetis and gnolls fought together in front of the citadel against the Burning Legion demons. Ultimately, the Azerothian army was triumphant, defeating the majority of enemies.[8]



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