NeutralFeralfen tribe
Feralfen tribe.jpg
Feralfen hunters and their sporebats
Main leader IconSmall LostOne.gif Elder Kuruti
Race(s) IconSmall LostOne.gif Lost Ones
Base of operations Feralfen Village, Boha'mu Ruins
Theater of operations Zangarmarsh

The Feralfen tribe is one of three Lost One tribes in Zangarmarsh, and the most powerful of them.[1] They are led by Elder Kuruti.


Uncorrupted draenei sent adventurers, disguised as spirits, to try and convince the tribe to join them. However the Feralfen refused, wanting to create their own destiny.[2]


They worship the animal spirits. Some of their totems worship the wind serpent, others the bird,[1] and others the snake.[3]

Their hunters have learned to tame sporebats, and they also have many skilled druids and mystics in their tribe. They may also be good tailors, as clothes bearing their tribe's name can be found throughout the area.[4]


Name Role Status Location
MobIconSmall LostOne.gif Kuruti Elder Alive Boha'mu Ruins, Zangarmarsh



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Because the Feralfen revere the arakkoa as spirits,[5] the wind serpent and bird spirits might be related to Sethe and either Anzu or Rukhmar.