AllianceFerra Pearl
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Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 85
Class Druid
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location A Little Patience
Status Alive

Ferra Pearl is a night elf druid located in A Little Patience scenario.


  • Ferra Pearl says: As you supply our camp, strive to keep the benefits from wearing off.
  • Ferra Pearl says: Bring us wood to graft into our saplings, <name>. We shall make do with the roots in the region.
  • Ferra Pearl says: Come children. May Elune guide our deeds this day.
  • Ferra Pearl says: Do not shirk, friend. Keep us well supplied and our work will be completed sooner.
  • Ferra Pearl says: Learn well from your experience here, <name>. In the future, your efficient efforts may be well rewarded.
  • Ferra Pearl says: Meet us west of the temple, <race>. We shall require your aid.
  • Ferra Pearl says: Our resources are well stocked, thanks to you. Please strive to keep them so.
  • Ferra Pearl says: The Spirit-Kissed Water from the local sprites will nourish our saplings well. And once the bucket is filled, you will not need to replenish it.
  • Ferra Pearl says: Things could not be going better, friend. Thank you for your aid.
  • Ferra Pearl says: Watch over us, <name>. We are not accustomed to fighting. We will require your protection if we are attacked.
  • Ferra Pearl says: We are accustomed to wisps carrying out our labors. Please bring food to keep us sustained.
  • Ferra Pearl says: Wood, snake oil, food and water will speed our progress, <name>. Please, do what you can to keep us supplied.
  • Ferra Pearl says: You have served us well, <name>. Please continue as we draw near completion.

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