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Start Instructor Antheol[56, 55]
End Instructor Antheol[56, 55]
Level 10 (Requires 10)
Category Mage
Experience 210
Next H Mage [10] The Purest Water


Dive to the bottom of Stillwhisper Pond and retrieve the Azure Phial for Instructor Antheol.


So... <name> is it? Don't be flattered I know your name, one of my students has been fawning over you and won't shut up.

... if you'd like to impress <her/him>, why don't you do something for me? There's an azure phial at the bottom of the pond behind me. Dive in, retrieve it, and bring it here.


How's the water?


Oh, well done... I told you to jump in a pond, and you did. I can only imagine what you'd do if one of your good friends asked it of you.

If you want a reward for your efforts, it is this: never lift a finger without first knowing what's in it for you. The mage's mind is <his/her> greatest weapon. Remember that and try to use yours a bit more.


  • 210 XP (or 1s 20c at level 70)


  1. H Mage [10] Fetch!
  2. H Mage [10] The Purest Water
  3. H Mage [10] Recently Living

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