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Fey Enchantments

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NeutralFey Enchantments
Start Enchanter Nalthanis
End Nalamya
Level 104 (Requires 104)
Category Enchanting
Experience 15,620
Previous N Enchanting [102] Cloaked in Tradition
Next N Enchanting [104] No Longer Worthy, N Enchanting [104] Led Astray


Seek out Nalamya near the Temple of Elune in Val'sharah.


The new dusts and crystals we've found in these lands are fascinating, as I'm sure you've already surmised. I'm positive we can expand their usefulness to more of our armor.

I'd like you to go back out into the field and talk to a dryad in Val'sharah. Apparently she may be able to clue us into some enchantments for shoulder pieces.

Her name is Nalamya. You'll find her near the Temple of Elune.


What is it you want, <race>?

Oh, I see now. You're an enchanter.

I warn you though, if you take my enchantments like those foul elves of Black Rook and use them for evil, you shall feel my wrath one way or another.



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