HordeFiasco Sizzlegrin
Image of Fiasco Sizzlegrin
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 30-35 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Tenebrous Cavern, Abyssal Depths

Fiasco Sizzlegrin is a goblin located in Tenebrous Cavern in Vashj'ir.



  • Can't complain about the materials down here. Substitutes for everything. Substitutes for substitutes. Gimme a few days and I'll build a aquatic hotrod out of kelp shells!
  • My rescue plan is brilliant. Infallible. Only a goblin could possible stop me from succeeding. A goblin with fins. Scary thought.
  • Up you go!
  • I don't know about you, but I really miss the unlimited raw materals that were down in the ruins!

I'm not even sure if you could make a dud grenade out of the little that can be scrounged in this cave!

Gossip Here, I made a Promising Fuel sample. Three parts hammerhead and two parts remora.

  • Fiasco Sizzlegrin yells: Somebody kill it!
Bloodguard Toldrek yells: You fools stop running around! Face it!
Merciless One yells: YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE
Fiasco Sizzlegrin yells: Mommy!
Bloodguard Toldrek yells: Somebody knock that thing off of <player's> head!
Sergeant Gertrude yells: Get me out of here!
Merciless One yells: I COME FROME BELOW
Fiasco Sizzlegrin yells: Don't eat my head

Forgotten Depths

I am pioneer in the science of underwater exploration --

a field that I have titled "Observant Soggination" -- and so there is very little under the sea that has escaped my studies. It was during my test run of the ill-fated Fathomscrubber X900 that I first came across the sunken night elf city of Vash'ir It's beautiful in a wet, slimy, fallen-down-pillars sort of way. And I would've stayed to scope out the joint (I bet it's just reeking with treasure!) if not for the scaly naga brutes who had issues when my nitro probes crumbled a few of there precious reefs.

Luckily the Fathomscrubber was armed with a failsafe "Break Into Pieces" mechanism that hid my hasty retreat in a cloud of oil, bubbles, and deliberately engineered rust. I wish i could have seen the look on their faces, but I was dodging wreckage as I floated to the surface. My inflate-o-Briefs kept me safely buoyant until I was picked up by a timely trading vessel.

I plan to return to Vash'ir someday, and the X901 is going to teach those fish-jerks some respect for science.

-Fiasco Sizzelgrin, Professor of Observant Soggination at IOU (Income Optimization University, Kezan Branch)[1]

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