Field Photographer is an exploration achievement awarded for using the  [S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera] (awarded from a garrison follower mission) at 43 locations all over the worlds of Warcraft.

Completing this achievement will award the title "Field Photographer", which appears before the character's name.


This guide expects players to have flight in all zones where flight is possible.

Eastern Kingdoms

Start at Booty Bay in the Cape of Stranglethorn. There are sixteen (fifteen if Horde) locations on the Eastern Kingdoms. Vashj'ir is listed in the Cataclysm section.

  1. Fly northwest to Janeiro's Point just offshore of Booty Bay in the Cape of Stranglethorn [35, 63]
  2. Fly north to the Battle Ring in the Gurubashi Arena in northern Cape of Stranglethorn [46, 26]
  3. Fly northeast to the Dark Portal in southeastern Blasted Lands [55, 50]
  4. Fly northwest to Karazhan in southern Deadwind Pass (zone in) [47, 75]
  5. Fly west-northwest to Darkshire in eastern Duskwood [75, 47]
  6. Fly west-southwest to the Deadmines exit (the cave marked on the map south of the 'D' in Dagger Falls) in Westfall [39, 84]
  7. Fly west to the Westfall Lighthouse off the southwestern shore of Westfall [30, 86]
  8. Fly northeast to Stormwind [40, 94] (Alliance players only)
  9. Enter the Deeprun Tram in the Dwarven District of Stormwind [66, 35]
  10. Fly east to Blackrock Mountain straddling the border between Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge [21, 39]
  11. Fly northeast to the Valley of Kings in southwestern Loch Modan [21, 74]
  12. Fly north to the Thandol Span bridging Wetlands and Arathi Highlands [51, 12]
  13. Fly northwest to Ravenholdt Manor in northern Hillsbrad Foothills [70, 45]
  14. Fly northeast to Uther's Tomb in southern Western Plaguelands [52, 83]
  15. Fly north to Hearthglen in northern Western Plaguelands [45, 17]
  16. Fly east to Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands [75, 53]


Start at Nordrassil in Mount Hyjal. The easiest way to get there is via the portal at the Eastern Earthshrine in Stormwind or the Western Earthshrine in Orgrimmar. There are nine (ten if Horde) locations on Kalimdor.

  1. Take a picture at Nordrassil in north-central Mount Hyjal [63, 23]
  2. Fly north to Moonglade [49, 61]
  3. Fly southeast to Orgrimmar (Horde players only)
  4. Fly south to the Echo Isles in southeastern Durotar [60, 83]
  5. Fly south-southwest to Onyxia's Lair in the Wyrmbog of southern Dustwallow Marsh (no need to zone in) [53, 77]
  6. Fly northeast to the Twin Colossals in northern Feralas [49, 20]
  7. Fly southeast to the Shaper's Terrace in north-central Un'Goro Crater [48, 9]
  8. Fly southwest to the Scarab Dais near the entrance to Ahn'Qiraj in southern Silithus [33, 81]
  9. Fly southeast to the Halls of Origination in eastern Uldum (no need to zone in) [72, 52]
  10. Fly northeast to the Caverns of Time in eastern Tanaris [61, 51]


Start at Shattrath City. There are three locations on Outland.

  1. Take a picture in Shattrath City [55, 40]
  2. Fly northeast to the Throne of Kil'jaeden in northeastern Hellfire Peninsula [63, 18]
  3. Fly north-northwest across the void to the Stormspire in north-central Netherstorm [45, 36]


Start in Howling Fjord, by taking the Boat/Zeppelin from the main city. There are six locations on Northrend, one of which is the last subzone inside Icecrown Citadel.

  1. (Horde) Fly southwest; (Alliance) Take a picture while on boat in the Daggercap Bay of southern Howling Fjord [63, 62]
  2. Fly northwest to Naxxramas in eastern Dragonblight (zone in) [87, 51]
  3. Fly west to the Wyrmrest Temple in central Dragonblight [60, 55]
  4. Fly northwest to the Wintergrasp Fortress in northern Wintergrasp [50, 20]
  5. Fly east to Dalaran [40, 50]
  6. Fly northwest to the entrance to Icecrown Citadel in southern Icecrown. Fight all the way through to the Frozen Throne (All bosses but Valithria Dreamwalker must be defeated to unlock the teleporter to the Frozen Throne) [50, 88]


There are two Cataclysm zones that are most-easily accessed via the Eastern Earthshrine in Stormwind or the Western Earthshrine in Orgrimmar.


Start at the faction shrines in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. There are four locations on Pandaria.

  1. Fly out of the shrine to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms [57, 43]
  2. Fly north to Mount Neverest in central Kun-Lai Summit (not Neverest Pinnacle or Seeker's Point) [44, 53]
  3. Fly south to Sunsong Ranch at Halfhill in central Valley of the Four Winds [52, 49]
  4. Fly southeast to the Turtle Beach in Krasarang Wilds [72, 32]


There are three locations on Draenor:

Sortable table

Subzone Zone Continent
Onyxia's Lair Dustwallow Marsh Kalimdor
The Dark Portal Blasted Lands Eastern Kingdoms
Janeiro's Point Cape of Stranglethorn Eastern Kingdoms
Temple of Karabor Shadowmoon Valley Draenor
Hearthglen Western Plaguelands Eastern Kingdoms
Karazhan Deadwind Pass Eastern Kingdoms
The Deadmines Westfall Eastern Kingdoms
Wyrmrest Temple Dragonblight Northrend
Nordrassil Mount Hyjal Kalimdor
Deathwing's Fall Deepholm Deepholm
The Shaper's Terrace Un'goro Crater Kalimdor
Vashj'ir Vashj'ir Eastern Kingdoms
Westfall Lighthouse Westfall Eastern Kingdoms
The Twin Colossals Feralas Kalimdor
Moonglade Moonglade Kalimdor
Caverns of Time Tanaris Kalimdor
The Scarab Dais Silithus Kalimdor
Echo Isles Durotar Kalimdor
Daggercap Bay Howling Fjord Northrend
Sunsong Ranch Valley of the Four Winds Pandaria
Auchindoun (Draenor) Talador Draenor
Stormwind City Stormwind Eastern Kingdoms
The Frozen Throne Icecrown Citadel Northrend
Dalaran Dalaran Northrend
Vale of Eternal Blossoms Vale of Eternal Blossoms Pandaria
Deeprun Tram Stormwind & Ironforge Eastern Kingdoms
Thandol Span Wetlands & Arathi Highlands Eastern Kingdoms
Battle Ring, Gurubashi Arena Cape of Stranglethorn Eastern Kingdoms
Naxxramas Dragonblight Northrend
Shattrath City (Outland) Shattrath Outland
Light's Hope Chapel Eastern Plaguelands Eastern Kingdoms
Darkshire Duskwood Eastern Kingdoms
Wintergrasp Fortress Wintergrasp Northrend
Valley of Kings Loch Modan Eastern Kingdoms
Throne of the Elements Nagrand Draenor
Mount Neverest Kun-Lai Summit Pandaria
The Stormspire Netherstorm Outland
Blackrock Mountain Burning Steppes & Searing Gorge Eastern Kingdoms
Ravenholdt Manor Hillsbrad Foothills Eastern Kingdoms
Uther's Tomb Western Plaguelands Eastern Kingdoms
Throne of Kil'jaeden Hellfire Peninsula Outland
Turtle Beach Krasarang Wilds Pandaria
Halls of Origination Uldum Kalimdor


  • There are significantly more Alliance locations than Horde ones apart of this achievement; with the only Horde one being Echo Isles, but even that location offers little risk to Alliance players whereas the Deeprun Tram, Darkshire, and Temple of Karabor can be very hazardous to Horde players.

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