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Field Seance

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NeutralField Seance
Start Highlord Darion Mograine [24.5, 36.0]
End Highlord Darion Mograine
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Shadowlands Intro
Experience 6,800
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous N [50] A Moment's Respite
Next N [50] Speaking to the Dead


Use the Shattered Helm of Domination to command 5 Malice Shadows in the Planes of Torment.


If these souls have information we need, we will take it from them.

Even after being shattered by the Banshee, the helm fragment given to you by Bolvar holds the power of Domination. With it, we should be able take control of the spirits long enough to find out what they know.

They will need to be sufficiently weakened before we can break them. I'm confident you're more than capable of that task.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 6,800 XP


Do you wish to speak to me, or to the dead?


Useless! These souls are far too fragmented to provide us with anything.

Wait... what is that?


Head back up to the surface. Players have been provided a quest item,  [Shattered Helm of Domination], which provides an ability: Bind a weakened shade to your will with the power of the Helm of Domination.

Look around for Malice Shadows and damage them to 50% health. They will become unattackable.

Highlord Darion Mograine says: Use the helm while it's weakened!

Use the Helm, and the Malice Shadow can say one of the following:

  • Malice Shadow says: Agony... eternal despair...
  • Malice Shadow says: At last... the true... end...
  • Malice Shadow says: No... release...
  • Malice Shadow says: Pain... torment... oblivion...

After the fifth, Mograine gives up:

Highlord Darion Mograine says: Useless. These souls are too fragmented. There must be another way...


  1. N [50] Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons
  2. N [50] Through the Shattered Sky
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N [50] Fear to Tread
  5. N [50] On Blackened Wings
  6. N [50] A Flight from Darkness
  7. N [50] A Moment's Respite
  8. N [50] Field Seance
  9. N [50] Speaking to the Dead
  10. N [50] Soul in Hand
  11. N [50] The Lion's Cage
  12. N [50] The Afflictor's Key and N [50] An Undeserved Fate
  13. N [50] From the Mouths of Madness
  14. N [50] By and Down the River
  15. N [50] Wounds Beyond Flesh and N [50] A Good Axe
  16. N [50] Draw Out the Darkness
  17. N [50] The Path to Salvation
  18. N [50] Stand as One

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