Fields of Blood.

The Fields of Blood is an area in the Southern Barrens located south of the Overgrowth, east of the Great Gate of Mulgore, and around the Ruins of Taurajo. Although once the northern area was the domain of the Bristleback quilboar, it has recently become a battleground for the forces of the Horde and the Alliance.[1]

Grunts from Desolation Hold and reconnaissance forces from Northwatch Hold fight one another here amid a sea of quilboar corpses in the northern part. The bulk of the Fields of Blood are taken up by the competing camps at Vendetta Point (Horde) and Forward Command (Alliance).

After taking care of the Alliance forces stationed on the other side of the Great Gate, the Horde army, led by Baine Bloodhoof and Vol'jin, marched east, passing through the Ruins of Taurajo and the Fields of Blood towards Northwatch Hold.[2]

Fields of Blood Fossil Bank

Fields of Blood Fossil Bank.jpg

The Fields of Blood are a fossil archaeology dig site.

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