Fields of Niuzao.

Path to the Niuzao Catacombs.

Broken bridge to Sra'vess.

The Fields of Niuzao comprise the remainder of the island just off the western coast of the mainland of Townlong Steppes not occupied by the Niuzao Temple or the Sra'thik Incursion. A large part of the fields is northwest of the temple and southwest of the great tree, populated by friendly Wild Townlong Yaks and hostile Osul Farstalkers. Bluesaddle and Cousin Bag-of-Rocks relocate to just south of the pond after N [25-35] Bad Yak.

The path to the Niuzao Catacombs is just southwest of the pond and Bluesaddle, marked by a couple of banners. Just north of that is the broken bridge to Sra'vess.

When the fish of the day is  [Redbelly Mandarin], the lake will be full to bursting of pools of fish, and Salty El makes an appearance.

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