For the Horde counterpart, see Gillvanas.
Image of Finduin
Race Murloc (Humanoid)

Finduin is the Alliance murloc companion given out to attendees for BlizzCon 2019. It is modeled after Anduin Wrynn. It occasionally summons Genji.

Pet Journal

An unlikely leader of murlocs that had to step into the role after the death of his father, Murgian.


humanoid Humanoid: Recovers 4% of their maximum health if they dealt damage this round.
+50% damage from Undead -33% damage from Critter
Level 1 Level 2 Level 4
[Holy Strike] [Holy Charge] [Holy Justice]
▲▼ ▲▼ ▲▼
[Blessed Hammer] [Reflective Shield] [Mass Resurrection]
Level 10 Level 15 Level 20

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