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Finna Bjornsdottir

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NeutralFinna Bjornsdottir
Image of Finna Bjornsdottir
Gender Female
Race Vrykul (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Valarjar
Occupation Champion of the Valarjar
Location Various
Status Alive

Finna Bjornsdottir is a vrykul chosen by Odyn.


She is first seen on the Broken Shore, before she is later raised from death and brought to Skyhold.

She participated in the Battle for the Exodar battling against High General Rakeesh, along with Ragnvald Drakeborn.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
B Warrior [98 - 110] Return to the Broken Shore 100 3,589,584
Skyhold 100 - 110 627,057
N Warrior [110] The Fate of Hodir 110 15,589,005
N [100 - 110] Bringer of the Light 102 924,437


  • I will gladly follow you, <name>. I've seen what you're capable of and you have no fear of death.[1]
  • What do you need?
  • I'm ready for whatever comes.
  • Spit it out!
  • You seem nervous.
  • Do I scare you?
  • You have nice hands.
  • Would be a shame if something happened to them.
  • Maybe you can keep those to yourself from now on.
  • Keep your blade sharp.
  • There is no fear in our hearts.
  • Until the final battle.

Combat ally

  • I will crush you!
  • This should be good!
  • I fear nothing!
Killed a mob
  • A glorious fight!
  • Is that all you got?
  • Die with honor!
  • These wounds... I will recover...
  • Heh... These will make... good... battle scars...


  • Finna is voiced by Karen Strassman.
  • Finna is the only female warrior champion.

Patch changes


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