NeutralFiona's Caravan
Image of Fiona's Caravan
Race Stagecoach (Uncategorized)
Level 15-30
Reaction Alliance Horde

Eastern Plaguelands Cataclysm

Shadowmoon Valley Warlords of Draenor

Fiona's Caravan is a stagecoach used by Fiona to travel with her goods and team to various locations. Pulled by Argyle and Preston, the carriage is first found in Eastern Plaguelands near the bridge from Western Plaguelands. After completing all quests for the group the carriage will always be found at Light's Hope Chapel from then on.

The location of the caravan can be seen on the in-screen map when in certain areas. This location is depicted by a miniature caravan, and when hovered over, displays Fiona's Caravan in a tool-tip.

Fiona's Caravan is later encountered in Shadowmoon Valley in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. After being attacked by botani, Fiona requires assistance in curing Gidwin of their poison and rescuing Rimblat Earthshatter, Argus Highbeacon and Talren Highbeacon.


Fionas Caravan on Map.jpg

Vehicle This carriage can be mounted.

The carriage is used to transport players and Fiona's people with amusing dialog between the towers of Eastern Plaguelands. Upon arrival that area will phase and allow for more quests provided by the group.

Each time the caravan reaches a new tower, a huge orb of what looks to be pure Light energy will shine just above the top of the tower. The orb is like a miniature sun, and can be seen from a great distance; if you can see the tower, you can see the Light. This likely makes a handy visual reference to new players to get their bearings in an unfamiliar zone.



 [Full Caravan]

Zone Buff

Once you complete N [15-30] A Gift For Fiona, the caravan offers zone buffs that offers a nice bonus, depending on what you need a boost of. Every new NPC that joins the caravan gives a buff.

Other than a buff giving the indicated bonus, no other experience or reputation is provided on the repeatable buff.

List of buffs

  • Inv gauntlets 02.png  Fiona's Lucky Charm — Grants a chance to loot extra gold and items from creatures in Eastern Plaguelands.
  • Inv potion 101.png  Gidwin's Weapon Oil — Grants a chance to deal extra Holy damage on melee and ranged attacks within Eastern Plaguelands. The amount of damage dealt increases as more travelers join Fiona's Caravan.
  • Inv jewelry necklace 16.png  Tarenar's Talisman — Grants a chance to deal extra Holy damage on successful spell attacks within Eastern Plaguelands. The amount of damage dealt increases as more travelers join Fiona's Caravan.
  • Inv misc book 17.png  Argus' Journal — Grants an additional 2% XP bonus within Eastern Plaguelands.
  • Inv misc toy 01.png  Pamela's Doll — Summon the spirit of Pamela Redpath to accompany you through Eastern Plaguelands.
  • Inv bracer 08.png  Vex'tul's Armbands — Grants a chance to knock enemies a short distance in the air on successful attacks.
  • Inv misc enggizmos 30.png  Beezil's Cog — Increase movement speed within Eastern Plaguelands by 10%.
  • Inv pet scorchedstone.png  Rimblat's Stone — Grants a chance to cast a small self-heal when killing creatures within Eastern Plaguelands.


First Caravan Ride to Crown Guard Tower
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Shotgun!
Gidwin Goldbraids says: Hey now! Why do you get to sit in front?
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Because I won our bet. And because I called shotgun.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: Who says you won the bet? We haven't compared tallies yet.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Fine. I killed five zombies. And they were huge. How many undead did you kill?
Gidwin Goldbraids says: I'm pretty sure I killed six.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: I'm going to bet that you killed only four.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: H... how did you know that?
Tarenar Sunstrike says: I didn't. You just told me!
Tarenar Sunstrike says: So seriously, how did you undead hunting go? I want to hear stories.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Gidwin? Are you ignoring me?
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Giddy... you're mad at me, aren't you?
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Remember when we were kids, Gidwin? We would spend all day pretending to fight the trolls, or the murlocs, or the girls.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: Don't do this, Tarenar.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: We had a name we called ourselves... what was it?
Gidwin Goldbraids says: You remember damn well enough what it was.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: I'm dead serious. I've completely forgotten.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: <Sigh>... "The Paladin Pals".
Fiona says: Gidwin, you can sit in front with me next time.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: Maybe now I don't want to. Maybe I like it better sitting back here with my new friend. It smells like horses up there.
Fiona says: There's a tower coming up on our left. What do you say we stop and rest a bit?
Gidwin Goldbraids says: We just rested a few minutes ago! Let's just go to Light's Hope Chapel!
Fiona says: The roads here are rough, Gidwin. I don't want to risk losing a horse.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: We won't lose a horse. Look at them! They look exactly like they did when we started.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Actually, I agree with Fiona.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: The Argent Crusade can wait for us a little while longer. Besides... our guest may want to get off the caravan soon.
Fiona says: Here we are!
Second Caravan ride to Light's Shield Tower
Gidwin Goldbraids says: This hardly seems fair!!
Gidwin Goldbraids says: Why do I have to sit up top with all the stuff?!
Fiona says: Because you're the bravest, dear.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Because you're short.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: Hey! I oughtta bounce one of these trunks off of your head, Tarenar.
Fiona says: I know I promised you the front seat, Giddy, but we have an elderly guest. I'm sorry.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Fiona, I must warn you: Gidwin only wants to sit in front because he wants to kiss you.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: Oh shut up, you dolt. YOU probably want to kiss her a hundred times.
Tarenar Sunstrike yells: Do not!
Argus Highbeacon says: Ahem! I, ah, appreciate the ride, Madam Fiona. It's nice to get off my feet for once.
Fiona says: Do you normally walk these roads alone?
Argus Highbeacon says: Yes, I do, though it was easier when I was younger. These days, I have to be more careful.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: If you don't mind me askin', what do you do that requires walking so much?
Argus Highbeacon says: I service the five Argent towers. Mostly repairs and maintenance, and some minor magical work.
Argus Highbeacon says: Without proper upkeep, buildings within the plaguelands tend to... waste away.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Noble work.
Argus Highbeacon says: I find it satisfying. I enjoy working with my hands.
Argus Highbeacon says: By the way, if any of you need anything repaired, let me know. I am at your service.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: So you're part of the Argent Crusade, eh?
Gidwin Goldbraids says: Think you can put in the good word for us? We're looking to join the order.
Argus Highbeacon says: Certainly. I don't make it out to Light's Hope very often anymore, but when you arrive, tell Max Tyrosus that I sent you.
Tarenar Sunstrike says: Whoah... he lets you call him Max?
Argus Highbeacon says: Ma'am, would you mind dropping me off at Light's Shield Tower, just up ahead? I have to stop here.
Fiona says: Of course I'm not just going to drop you off, Master Highbeacon. We'll be happy to wait for you.
Gidwin Goldbraids says: NOOOOOOOO! Stopped again!
Argus Highbeacon says: Light's Hope isn't far, young paladin. Might I suggest walking?

Patch changes

  • Legion Hotfix (2017-09-19): Fiona's Caravan should no longer be mysteriously missing on some servers.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added.

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