Fiora Longears (quest)

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AllianceFiora Longears
Start Red Jack Flint
End Fiora Longears
Level 20 (Requires 18)
Category Darkshore
Experience 775
Next A [20] Journey to Astranaar


Speak with Fiora Longears on the docks at Auberdine in Darkshore.


Oh, to be at sea once again! To feel the kiss of the wind, and to have the waves rock me like my blessed mother, long ago! Oh, I wish I had your fortune, good <class>, for I see the sea in your future! It's my job to tell eager souls of the land of Kalimdor, the land of opportunity! If you're willing to try your luck across the sea, then take a ship from here to the lovely port of Auberdine. Speak there with my partner, the elf, Fiora Longears. She'll start you on your Kalimdor adventure!


Good day to you!  You were sent by Mr. Flint in Menethil Harbor?  Well Mr. Flint is a strong judge of character.  If he sent you, then there's no doubt you belong here in Kalimdor!



  1. A [20] Fiora Longears
  2. A [20] Journey to Astranaar


The quest says that you should be able to take a ship from Menethil to reach Fiora. This is incorrect. As of patch 3.0.3 (Wrath of the Lich King) the ship that used to go to Auberdine has been removed. In order to get to Auberdine, you need to take a ship from Stormwind Harbor (also added 3.0.3). This is a known issue with the quest text. It is unknown when Blizzard will clarify the text.

As of patch 3.3, Red Jack Flint is unresponsive. A Game Master stated that the quest had been removed.

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