Fire Plume Ridge Hot Spot

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I'm HOT!

The Fire Plume Ridge Hot Spot are located on Fire Plume Ridge in Un'Goro Crater. You'll need a  [Krakle's Thermometer] to read the temperatures of the hot spots.

Prior to the cataclysm the hottest spot was next to the lava pool on top of the volcano, now the hottest spot is at the base on the northwestern side.

Objective of

Need to find the hottest spot for the quest N [52] Finding the Source.


Fire Plume Ridge Hot Spot locations in Un'Goro Crater


  • The western hot spot reads 40 degrees Kraklenheit
  • The southern hot spot reads 113 degrees Kraklenheit
  • The southeastern hot spot reads 564 degrees Kraklenheit
  • The northeastern hot spot reads 8,536 degrees Kraklenheit
  • The northwestern hot spot reads 428,000 degrees Kraklenheit

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