• Fire Prism
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Open>
  • "Several dazzling gems hide inside...."

This item can be created every 20 hours with Jewelcrafting.


This item is created with Jewelcrafting (500); taught by trainers.

Materials required:
Inv misc uncutgemsuperior.png 3x [Alicite] Inv misc uncutgemsuperior4.png 3x [Carnelian]
Inv misc uncutgemsuperior5.png 3x [Hessonite] Inv misc uncutgemsuperior2.png 3x [Jasper]
Inv misc uncutgemsuperior3.png 3x [Nightstone] Inv misc uncutgemsuperior6.png 3x [Zephyrite]


Has a chance to contain
Inv misc uncutgemnormal4.png 1-3x [Demonseye] Inv misc uncutgemnormal1.png 1-3x [Dream Emerald]
Inv misc uncutgemnormal3.png 1-3x [Inferno Ruby] Inv misc uncutgemnormal5.png 1-3x [Amberjewel]
Inv misc uncutgemnormal.png 1-3x [Ember Topaz] Inv misc uncutgemnormal2.png 1-3x [Ocean Sapphire]
Item cutmetagemb.png [Chimera's Eye]

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