The Fire Totem is required for a shaman to use fire-aligned totems. If no Fire Totem is in your inventory, you cannot use fire-aligned totems. All relic slot totems count as Fire Totems, and if one is equipped or in the shaman's inventory, the Fire Totem item is not needed. The Fire Totem can never be destroyed, however once the shaman reaches level 40, he can undertake the Relic of the Earthen Ring (alliance version) quest to combine the Fire Totem with the other three elemental totems to create the  [Totem of the Earthen Ring] which takes one inventory space instead of four. The Totem of the Earthen Ring can be equipped as a relic or destroyed if desired.


This item is a quest reward from the following quests:

As a spell component

A Fire Totem must be in a shaman's inventory to create the following fire-based totems:

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