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Fire elementals
Fireguard Destroyer HS.jpg
Faction/Affiliation Varies
Racial capital Sulfuron Keep, Firelands
Racial leader(s)  Smolderon
  Formerly  Ragnaros †
Homeworld Elemental Plane
Language(s) Kalimag, Ignan

Fire elementals are elemental creatures made of fire. On Azeroth, they are led by the Firelord Smolderon, and their domain of the Elemental Plane is called the Firelands.


Ordering of Azeroth

To keep Azeroth safe from these threats, the titans imprisoned the Old Gods underground and banished the savage elementals to the titan-constructed Elemental Plane, a secure dominion where the elementals could dwell without harming Azeroth. Four domains were created within this primordial realm to serve as ideal environments for each type of elemental. One of the Elemental Plane's domains, a molten domain known as the Firelands, is home to the fire elementals. With the elementals' departure, nature calmed, and the world settled into a peaceful harmony.[1]

War of the Three Hammers

Around three hundred years ago the ambitious and ruthless Dark Iron clan initiated a war against their dwarven brethren, the Bronzebeard clan and Wildhammer clan. During this War of the Three Hammers Thaurissan, seeking to summon a supernatural minion that would turn the tide of the war back to his favor, called upon the ancient powers sleeping beneath the world. To Thaurissan's surprise, and ultimately his doom, the creature that emerged was more terrible than any nightmare he could have imagined. Now, freed by Thaurissan's call, Ragnaros erupted into being once again. Ragnaros' apocalyptic rebirth into Azeroth shattered the Redridge Mountains and created a raging volcano at the center of the devastation. Many Dark Iron dwarves remain within the lower areas of the mountain, especially Blackrock Depths, toiling away at the behest of Ragnaros and the Firelord's lieutenants. He and his dwarven minions took control of the Blackrock mountain's volcanic depths and made war on the orcs in the Upper Blackrock Spire, which served as the seat of power for Nefarian the black dragon. Ragnaros has uncovered the secret to creating life from stone and plans to build an army of unstoppable golems to aid him in conquering the whole of Blackrock Mountain.

During the First War

Main article: Fire Elemental (Warcraft I)

Fire elemental in female form.

The creation of a simulacrum of the elements of fire. While these servants can be constructed and controlled by powerful mages, many have proved too difficult to hold in the summoner's power. Should they escape their creator these creatures rage uncontrollably, determined to destroy all those who are like the one that imprisoned them in this domain.[2]

While their watery brethren fall under the domain of the Humans, these creatures serve no other. They only seek to destroy anything or anyone that they come in contact with. No one knows if these are summoned beings, or the result of some rogue magiks. The only sure thing is that they are deadly, and seem to take some dark pleasure in the pain they inflict.[3]

During the Third War

WC3RoC-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

Over time human wizards learned how to call back the Elementals through the art of summoning. The Firelord is one of these liberated Elementals. Consumed by hatred for all organic life, he roams the world he once called home, sewing chaos, wreaking vengeance, and inflicting pain with extreme prejudice.

World of Warcraft

WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

The Hydraxian Waterlords led by Duke Hydraxis were Water elementals that made their home on the islands east of Azshara. Duke Hydraxis revealed that the Elementals of Water are seeking to do battle against the other elements, and were willing to let mortals prove themselves to be worthy of fighting one of their grandest enemies, Ragnaros the Firelord and his servants in the Molten Core.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Following Deathwing's Shattering of the World Pillar in Deepholm and his destructive re-emergence into Azeroth, the Elemental Plane collided with the physical realm and resulted in drastic geographical upheaval, causing chaotic elementals to pour out into the world of Azeroth. With the world still reeling from the disaster, Ragnaros and his minions have made it their goal to set aflame the World Tree Nordrassil, one of the remaining symbols of healing in the shattered lands of Azeroth. In the ensuing conflict, many brave heroes gave their lives to protect Hyjal from destruction. By their noble sacrifices, the impossible was achieved: the Guardians of Hyjal pushed Ragnaros's minions back into the Firelands.

Now, the battle to protect Hyjal rages in Ragnaros's smoldering realm. As territory is gained and Azeroth's champions edge closer to the Firelands' inner sanctums, a monumental task lies ahead. Entrenched around Ragnaros's lair -- Sulfuron Keep -- are his most trusted guardians, including the turncoat Druids of the Flame and their mysterious leader.


First elemental lord of fire Ragnaros.

Second elemental lord of fire Smolderon.

Name Role Status Location
Neutral  Smolderon Current firelord, ruler of all fire elementals Alive Firelands, Heart of Azeroth
Neutral  Ragnaros Former firelord and ruler of all fire elementals Deceased-Killable Molten Core; Sulfuron Keep, Firelands
Mob  Ambassador Infernus Overseer of the Shadowforge clan's excavation of Uldaman Killable Angor Fortress, Badlands
Boss  Baleroc Gatekeeper of Sulfuron Keep Killable Mortal's Demise, Firelands
Mob  Baron Charr Leader of fire elementals in Un'Goro during the elemental invasions Removed Formerly Fire Plume Ridge, Un'Goro Crater
Boss  Baron Geddon Guardian of the Bindings of the Windseeker Killable Molten Core; Mount Hyjal
Mob  Blazerunner Most powerful fire elemental of Un'Goro Crater Killable Fire Plume Ridge, Un'Goro Crater
Mob  Hauteur Deranged elemental forcing wildkin to worship him Killable Moonwing Den, Azuremyst Isle
Boss  Lord Incendius Guardian of the Black Anvil Killable Shadowforge City, Blackrock Depths
Mob  Lord Magmathar Seeking to scorch the entirety of Ashenvale Killable Thunder Peak, Ashenvale
Boss  Lord Overheat Stormwind Stockade inmate Killable Stormwind Stockade
Mob  Magmatooth Initiate Goldmine's fire elemental Killable Blood Trail, Deepholm; Elementium Depths, Twilight Highlands
Mob  Overmaster Pyron Guardian of the entrance to Blackrock Depths Killable Grinding Quarry, Blackrock Mountain
Boss  Pyroguard Emberseer Captured and drained by warlocks loyal to Nefarian Removed Formerly Hall of Binding, Upper Blackrock Spire
Mob  Simmer Leader of fire elementals on the Charred Rise Killable Charred Rise, Borean Tundra
Neutral  Temper Mentor of draenei shaman Alive Emberglade, Azuremyst Isle
Boss  Volcanus Seeking to corrupt Nordrassil Killable Anvil of Conflagration, Firelands


A lesser fire elemental

As a shaman pet

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Shamans are able to summon an elemental totem that calls forth a greater fire elemental to rain destruction on the caster's enemies.

As a companion pet

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

They are beings formed of blazing flames held together to create the appearance of a muscular humanoid torso. Black metal bracers encircle the thing's arms, and its torso trails off into a fiery tail. Fire elementals are beings of hate and cruelty. They enjoy causing pain. Fire elementals ignite all that they touch and consume the air around them. Fire elementals prefer close combat, where they can set their opponents alight and take no damage from the resulting blaze. They initiate combat by suffocating to weaken their enemies before engaging in melee. Cunning foes, fire elementals lure their opponents into dangerous areas, such as dry forests the elemental can set alight. Fire elementals are intelligent enough to attack only those who seem easy targets, and they usually flee when the battle turns against them.[4]


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