HordeFire in the Hole!
Start Master Control Pump
End Darla Drilldozer
Level 15-30
Category Felwood
Experience 8,150 XP
Reputation +350 rep with Bilgewater Cartel
Rewards  [Gauntlets of Raw Strength] or  [Everburning Cloak] or  [Drilldozer Band]
1g 40s
Previous H [15-30] Turn It Off! Turn It Off!
Next H [15-30] Timbermaw Hold


Slay Grolvitar the Everburning.


Land's sakes, pardner! You done shut off those valves but good.

Unfortunately we've had a critical blowout in our gosh-darned central burnoff regulator! Missus Darla's done sent as many workers as she can rustle to go shut it off, but those flames have a mind of their own!

Literally! They're hoppin' up and grabbin' anyone who comes near! So Darla says if you can muster up out of that cave you're in and beat that elemental, she's got a mighty fine prize in store for ya!


Well, my entire operation's nearly been ruined. But you came through in the clinch, <name>.

It could've been worse! I gotta hand it to you.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets 117v2.png [Gauntlets of Raw Strength] Inv misc cape 14.png [Everburning Cloak]
Inv misc gear 01.png [Drilldozer Band]

You will also receive: 1g 40s



If you are on a flying mount, Grolvitar may not appear, or he may appear and then immediately despawn. Approach the burning patch of land on foot, or by ground mount.


  1. H [15-30] A Flare Fight & H [15-30] It's Time to Oil Up
  2. H [15-30] Take it to the Tree & H [15-30] Wisp-napping
  3. H [15-30] Slap and Cap & H [15-30] Is Your Oil Running?
  4. H [15-30] Pikwik in Peril
  5. H [15-30] Turn It Off! Turn It Off!
  6. H [15-30] Fire in the Hole!
  7. H [15-30] Timbermaw Hold (optional breadcrumb to Timbermaw Hold)

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