NeutralFire in the Skies
Start Morthis Whisperwing
End Morthis Whisperwing
Level 35
Type Daily
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 69400
Rewards 2 Mark of the World Tree
9g 40s (or 16g 54s at max level)
Shareable Yes


Use the Trained Fire Hawk to kill 100 of the Flamewaker Salamanders, 40 of the Cinderweb Spiders, and 3 of the Molten Lords that are amassing in the Firelands.

  • Amassing Flamewakers slain (100)
  • Amassing Cinderwebs slain (40)
  • Molten Lords slain (3)


Look at that! It's incredible! Born less than two days ago and already full grown. Sadly, I suspect their life cycle is similarly short, so we'll have to take advantage of any time we have.

His training went remarkably well. I want you to be the one to take him out and unleash him on the bulk of the enemy forces gathered near Ragnaros' keep.

Show no mercy, <race>.


You will receive: [Mark of the World Tree] x2 and 9g 40s


Some of our most capable forces are poised to strike at Ragnaros himself. If these attacks go well, we may be able to give them the opportunity they need.


I take it your assault was a success! Brilliant. This could be a key moment in opening up Ragnaros' defenses.


You will receive:


This daily quest takes you over a phased version of the Firelands raid instance. Each day that this quest is offered, a different set of three Firelords will appear somewhere in the area; bombing all six rewards the  [Death From Above] achievement.

Eligible mobs are Flamewaker Centurions, Flamewaker Cauterizers, Flamewaker Incinerators, Cinderweb Skitterers, Cinderweb Clutchkeepers, Cinderweb Matriarchs.


Prerequisite: N [35] Druids of the Talon

  1. N [35] Flight of the Storm Crows — unlocks a daily quest chain:
  2. N [35 Daily] Into the Fire 2 Mark of the World Tree
  3. N [35 Daily] Flamewakers of the Molten Flow 2 Mark of the World Tree
  4. N [35 Daily] Fire Flowers 2 Mark of the World Tree
  5. N [35 Daily] Hounds of Shannox 1 Mark of the World Tree -or- N [35 Daily] How Hot 1 Mark of the World Tree (unlocked by N [35] Need... Water... Badly...)
  6. Fireplume Peak dailies: Two of:
  7. N [35 Daily] Strike at the Heart (unlocked by N [35] Calling the Ancients)

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