AllianceFirebeard's Patrol
Firebeards Patrol.jpg
Type Village
Leader(s)  Keegan Firebeard
Race(s) Wildhammer dwarfWildhammer dwarf Wildhammer dwarf
Affiliation(s) Firebeard clan, Wildhammer clan, Alliance
Location Central Twilight Highlands[60, 57]
Status Active

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Firebeard's Patrol is a Wildhammer town located in the Devouring Breach of the Twilight Highlands. It is the home of the Firebeard clan of dwarves led by Keegan Firebeard. The nearby Firebeard Cemetery is located to the west.


When the Twilight's Hammer launched surprised attacks all over the Highlands, Firebeard's Patrol was one of the Wildhammer settlements most damaged by it. The Hammer made the Devouring Breach appear, tilting the dwarven town a little while fire elementals oust from the rift attacking the dwarves. Amidst the chaos though, the Firebeards were one of the few who kept their heads straight.[1] Keegan Firebeard led the defense of the town forming lines on all sides of the settlement to keep back the enemy. The battle was fierce, there were only a handful of dwarves, and they were getting tired by the fighting. Keegan decided to split into shifts, one hour of rest for every hour on the lines.[2]

The town had been hit hard and much lied in ruins while some of the buildings still standing were in flames. Despite Keegan saying no matter what happened to their home they would keep fighting even if all that was left were ruins, he preferred that not be the case so he sent people to set the fires out.[3] While some of the dwarven citizens were running frantically across the town, a group found refuge in one of the buildings. In doing so, they left some of their belongings in their ruined homes.[4] An adventurer helped them to keep the line, extinguish some of the fires and find some of their lost belongings.

Iain Firebeard, who was at the Firebeard Cemetery to the west, was tasked by Keegan to reform a wing of gryphon riders from whatever scattered forces he could find.[5] With the help of the adventurer he managed to do so, including getting some recently made weapons from Brom Forgehammer. Although the Doyles had fallen and the Thundermars were not answering their pledges of help, Iain still managed to get the help of the Mullan and Moore clans. While doing that, the forces of Keegan at Firebeard's Patrol manage to push back the elementals and were prepared to make their last stand.[6]

With the gryphon riders ready, the Firebeards alongside the Mullans and the Moores led a counterattack against the Twilight's Hammer forces in the Devouring Breach killing the Hammer minions stationed there, including their leader Servias Windterror. With that, Firebeard's Patrol and the nearby areas were liberated from the Twilight's Hammer's control.[7]


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