NeutralFirebird's Challenge

Flying rings!
Start Ziggie Sparks [48.4, 71.2]
End Ziggie Sparks [48.4, 71.2]
Level 60 (Requires 1)
Type Daily
Category Darkmoon Faire
Reputation +250 Darkmoon Faire
Rewards  [Darkmoon Game Prize]
Darkmoon Faire icon.png

The subject of this article or section is part of Darkmoon Faire, an ongoing event that lasts one week. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next month.


Collect 15 rings while flying.

  • Rings collected x15


You're ready to fly high and give the Firebird's challenge a shot? That's great!

Simply collect 15 rings to win! Speak to me when you're ready for takeoff!


You will receive:


How was the flight?


Wow, great flying out there, ace! Here's your prize!


Speak to Ziggie again and spend a  [Darkmoon Game Token] to start the event. Roughly 60 floating rings appear all over the island, but most are not over the Faire area proper and are found in the woods. Players start with ten seconds of flight time and flying through a ring will refresh the buff. Work out a route in such a way that the next ring is always within 10 seconds of the one that is getting flown through, as there are many ways to get cut off.

While flying, three achievements are available, awarded for flying through 10, 25, and 50 rings respectively:  [Flying High],  [Ringmaster], and  [Brood of Alysrazor]. The last awards the  [Blazing Wings] toy.

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