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For the companion pet, see Inv box birdcage 01 [Captured Firefly].

Fireflies are glowing, winged insect creatures found in Azeroth, Outland and draenor. Adventurers hunt them for their beautiful diaphanous wings.

Commonly used by sporelings as a light source as they navigate the waterways of Zangarmarsh, this luminescent insect helps them avoid the dangerous bogflare needlers.[1] Scholars have debated at length about how fireflies glow, but the leading hypothesis is "magic".[2] They feed on small leaves and grass,[3] but one species is known to consume purple flowers and nectar to retain a deep violet glow.[4]

Glowflies use their luminescent to attract mates,[5] while waterflies use the surface of water to reflect the light from their abdomen to attract their mates.[6] On very rare occasions glowflies synchronize their flashing creating a spectacular sight for any adventurer lucky enough to catch this phenomenon.[7] Some species native to the Jade Forest are attracted to the latent energy in shrines.[8]



As a companion pet[]

Many fireflies (or creatures who share the same model) can also be captured in pet battles around the world:

As a hunter pet[]

Main article: Wasp

Fireflies are classified as wasps and can be tamed by hunters.


  • The model used in WoW for fireflies looks like and is called a wasp (most likely because units using the model can be tamed) not a firefly, even if the tail glows.
  • In WoW, hornets (such as Marsh Hornet) used the same model as fireflies.