This article is about the in-game instance. For lore and history of Firelands, see Firelands.
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Firelands loading screen.jpg
Location Elemental Plane (access locations in Mount Hyjal)
End boss IconSmall Ragnaros.gif Ragnaros
Instance info
Type Raid
Advised level 85
Player limit 10/25
Associated faction Avengers of Hyjal

Firelands is a raid instance, released with patch 4.2.0 on June 28, 2011. It can be entered through Sulfuron Spire in Mount Hyjal. It is a domain of Ragnaros the Firelord, from where he endlessly sends his elemental and mortal minions in order to fulfill his ultimate goal of destroying Nordrassil.

The raid consists of 8 bosses (one only accessible through the legendary quest chain), as well as outdoor and indoor environments. It is intended to be one grade in difficulty above raids implemented at the release of Cataclysm, just as Ulduar was in Wrath of the Lich King.


The ash-choked Firelands is the least hospitable of the elemental domains. What serves as air in this harsh place is laden with scalding, noxious fumes. The only safe havens from the Firelands' ever-churning magma ocean are islands of jagged rock. Yet even the dangers of this merciless landscape pale in comparison to the raging fury of the elementals who dwell there.[1]

Description from the preview

For ages, the Elemental Plane served its purpose as a secure realm to imprison Azeroth's primordial spirits... until the Cataclysm ruptured its boundaries. Without warning, Ragnaros's armies surged toward Mount Hyjal, intent on burning the World Tree of Nordrassil to the ground. In the ensuing conflict, many brave heroes gave their lives to protect Hyjal from destruction. By their noble sacrifices, the impossible was achieved: the Guardians of Hyjal pushed Ragnaros's minions back into the Firelands.

Now, the battle to protect Hyjal rages in Ragnaros's smoldering realm. As territory is gained and Azeroth's champions edge closer to the Firelands' inner sanctums, a monumental task lies ahead. Entrenched around Ragnaros's lair -- Sulfuron Keep -- are his most trusted guardians, including the turncoat Druids of the Flame and their mysterious leader. Yet Hyjal's defenders cannot afford to shy away from any of these dangers. Should Ragnaros prevail against the incursion and succeed in destroying Nordrassil, Azeroth will suffer a blow from which it might never recover.[2]

Dungeon Journal

The Firelands is the molten domain forged by the titans to house Ragnaros and his wayward minions. Following Deathwing's emergence into Azeroth, Ragnaros and his servants surged onto the slopes of Mount Hyjal before being driven back by the sacred mountain's valiant defenders. Now Ragnaros is rallying his loyalists to defend the Firelands from Azeroth's champions.


Dungeon denizens


The first five bosses of the instance can be killed in any order, but after they are defeated the instance follows a linear progression from Majordomo Staghelm to Ragnaros.

Bosses Monsters NPC
1. Accessible only through the  [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest] quest chain.


Boss Item Type
Normal Heroic
Beth'tilac  [Ward of the Red Widow]  [Ward of the Red Widow] Spirit shield
 [Funeral Pyre]  [Funeral Pyre] Caster staff
 [Mandible of Beth'tilac]  [Mandible of Beth'tilac] Tank one-hand sword
 [Robes of Smoldering Devastation]  [Robes of Smoldering Devastation] Caster cloth chest
 [Cindersilk Gloves]  [Cindersilk Gloves] Spirit leather gloves
 [Cowl of the Clicking Menace]  [Cowl of the Clicking Menace] Spirit cloth helm
 [Cinderweb Leggings]  [Cinderweb Leggings] Agility leather leggings
 [Thoracic Flame Kilt]  [Thoracic Flame Kilt] Spirit mail leggings
 [Flickering Shoulders]  [Flickering Shoulders] Mail shoulders
 [Arachnaflame Treads]  [Arachnaflame Treads] DPS plate boots
 [Carapace of Imbibed Flame]  [Carapace of Imbibed Flame] Tank plate chest
 [Spaulders of Manifold Eyes]  [Spaulders of Manifold Eyes] Spirit plate shoulders
 [Spidersilk Spindle]  [Spidersilk Spindle] Tank trinket
 [Widow's Kiss]  [Widow's Kiss] Agility ring
 [Eternal Ember] Quest item
 [Living Ember] Trade goods
 [Crystallized Firestone] Currency
Lord Rhyolith  [Arbalest of Erupting Fury]  [Arbalest of Erupting Fury] Crossbow
 [Volcanospike]  [Volcanospike] DPS caster sword
 [Flickering Cowl]  [Flickering Cowl] Cloth helm
 [Incendic Chestguard]  [Incendic Chestguard] Spirit leather chest
 [Hood of Rampant Disdain]  [Hood of Rampant Disdain] Agility leather helm
 [Flaming Core Chestguard]  [Flaming Core Chestguard] Agility mail chest
 [Lava Line Wristbands]  [Lava Line Wristbands] Spirit mail bracers
 [Cracked Obsidian Stompers]  [Cracked Obsidian Stompers] Tank plate boots
 [Fireskin Gauntlets]  [Fireskin Gauntlets] DPS plate gloves
 [Grips of the Raging Giant]  [Grips of the Raging Giant] Spirit plate gloves
 [Earthcrack Bracers]  [Earthcrack Bracers] DPS plate bracers
 [Dreadfire Drape]  [Dreadfire Drape] Agility cloak
 [Heartstone of Rhyolith]  [Heartstone of Rhyolith] Spirit necklace
 [Eternal Ember] Quest item
 [Living Ember] Trade goods
 [Crystallized Firestone] Currency
Alysrazor  [Alysra's Razor]  [Alysra's Razor] Agility dagger
 [Leggings of Billowing Fire]  [Leggings of Billowing Fire] Caster cloth leggings
 [Phoenix-Down Treads]  [Phoenix-Down Treads] Spirit leather boots
 [Flickering Wristbands]  [Flickering Wristbands] Leather bracers
 [Clawshaper Gauntlets]  [Clawshaper Gauntlets] Spirit mail gloves
 [Moltenfeather Leggings]  [Moltenfeather Leggings] Agility mail leggings
 [Craterflame Spaulders]  [Craterflame Spaulders] Caster mail shoulders
 [Clutch of the Firemother]  [Clutch of the Firemother] Spirit plate chest
 [Greathelm of the Voracious Maw]  [Greathelm of the Voracious Maw] DPS plate helm
 [Lavaworm Legplates]  [Lavaworm Legplates] DPS plate leggings
 [Spaulders of Recurring Flame]  [Spaulders of Recurring Flame] Tank plate shoulders
 [Wings of Flame]  [Wings of Flame] Caster cloak
 [Eye of Blazing Power]  [Eye of Blazing Power] Healer trinket
 [Alysrazor's Band]  [Alysrazor's Band] Strength ring
 [Eternal Ember] Quest item
 [Living Ember] Trade goods
 [Chest of the Fiery Conqueror] Armor token
 [Chest of the Fiery Protector] Armor token
 [Chest of the Fiery Vanquisher] Armor token
 [Crystallized Firestone] Currency
 [Flametalon of Alysrazor]  [Flametalon of Alysrazor] Mount
Shannox  [Skullstealer Greataxe]  [Skullstealer Greataxe] Strength two-hand axe
 [Feeding Frenzy]  [Feeding Frenzy] Agility dagger
 [Goblet of Anger]  [Goblet of Anger] Spirit off-hand
 [Coalwalker Sandals]  [Coalwalker Sandals] Caster cloth boots
 [Gloves of Dissolving Smoke]  [Gloves of Dissolving Smoke] Agility leather gloves
 [Flickering Shoulderpads]  [Flickering Shoulderpads] Leather shoulders
 [Treads of Implicit Obedience]  [Treads of Implicit Obedience] Spirit mail boots
 [Scalp of the Bandit Prince]  [Scalp of the Bandit Prince] Agility mail helm
 [Legplates of Absolute Control]  [Legplates of Absolute Control] Spirit plate leggings
 [Legplates of Frenzied Devotion]  [Legplates of Frenzied Devotion] Tank plate leggings
 [Uncrushable Belt of Fury]  [Uncrushable Belt of Fury] Strength plate belt
 [Bracers of the Dread Hunter]  [Bracers of the Dread Hunter] Spirit plate bracers
 [Crystal Prison Band]  [Crystal Prison Band] Caster ring
 [Necklace of Fetishes]  [Necklace of Fetishes] Strength necklace
 [Eternal Ember] Quest item
 [Living Ember] Trade goods
 [Leggings of the Fiery Conqueror] Armor token
 [Leggings of the Fiery Protector] Armor token
 [Leggings of the Fiery Vanquisher] Armor token
 [Crystallized Firestone] Currency
Baleroc  [Gatecrasher]  [Gatecrasher] Agility one-hand axe
 [Molten Scream]  [Molten Scream] DPS caster off-hand
 [Shard of Torment]  [Shard of Torment] Tank shield
 [Mantle of Closed Doors]  [Mantle of Closed Doors] Caster cloth shoulders
 [Breastplate of the Incendiary Soul]  [Breastplate of the Incendiary Soul] Agility leather chest
 [Shoulderpads of the Forgotten Gate]  [Shoulderpads of the Forgotten Gate] Agility leather shoulders
 [Glowing Wing Bracers]  [Glowing Wing Bracers] Spirit leather bracers
 [Gatekeeper's Embrace]  [Gatekeeper's Embrace] Spirit mail chest
 [Decimation Treads]  [Decimation Treads] Agility mail boots
 [Flickering Handguards]  [Flickering Handguards] Plate gloves
 [Casque of Flame]  [Casque of Flame] Spirit plate helm
 [Helm of Blazing Glory]  [Helm of Blazing Glory] Tank plate helm
 [Necromantic Focus]  [Necromantic Focus] DPS caster trinket
 [Eternal Ember] Quest item
 [Living Ember] Trade goods
 [Gauntlets of the Fiery Conqueror] Armor token
 [Gauntlets of the Fiery Protector] Armor token
 [Gauntlets of the Fiery Vanquisher] Armor token
 [Crystallized Firestone] Currency
Majordomo Staghelm  [Fandral's Flamescythe]  [Fandral's Flamescythe] Agility staff
 [Stinger of the Flaming Scorpion]  [Stinger of the Flaming Scorpion] Caster wand
 [Wristwraps of Arrogant Doom]  [Wristwraps of Arrogant Doom] Caster cloth bracers
 [Sandals of Leaping Coals]  [Sandals of Leaping Coals] Agility leather boots
 [Firecat Leggings]  [Firecat Leggings] Spirit leather leggings
 [Grips of Unerring Precision]  [Grips of Unerring Precision] Agility mail gloves
 [Breastplate of Shifting Visions]  [Breastplate of Shifting Visions] Strength plate chest
 [Treads of the Penitent Man]  [Treads of the Penitent Man] Spirit mail boots
 [Bracers of the Fiery Path]  [Bracers of the Fiery Path] Plate tank bracers
 [Flowform Choker]  [Flowform Choker] Caster necklace
 [The Hungerer]  [The Hungerer] Agility trinket
 [Jaws of Defeat]  [Jaws of Defeat] Caster trinket
 [Mantle of the Fiery Conqueror]  [Shoulders of the Fiery Conqueror] Armor token
 [Mantle of the Fiery Protector]  [Shoulders of the Fiery Protector] Armor token
 [Mantle of the Fiery Vanquisher]  [Shoulders of the Fiery Vanquisher] Armor token
 [Eternal Ember] Quest item
 [Living Ember] Trade goods
 [Crystallized Firestone] Currency
Ragnaros  [Arathar, the Eye of Flame]  [Arathar, the Eye of Flame] Crossbow
 [Ko'gun, Hammer of the Firelord]  [Ko'gun, Hammer of the Firelord] Spirit main hand mace
 [Sho'ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation]  [Sho'ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation] Caster staff
 [Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand]  [Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand] Strength two-hand axe
 [Fingers of Incineration]  [Fingers of Incineration] Caster cloth gloves
 [Majordomo's Chain of Office]  [Majordomo's Chain of Office] Caster cloth belt
 [Crown of Flame]  [Crown of Flame] Spirit mail helm
 [Pauldrons of Roaring Flame]  [Pauldrons of Roaring Flame] Plate tank shoulders
 [Choker of the Vanquished Lord]  [Choker of the Vanquished Lord] Agility necklace
 [Vessel of Acceleration]  [Vessel of Acceleration] Strength trinket
 [Matrix Restabilizer]  [Matrix Restabilizer] Agility trinket
 [Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor]  [Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor] DPS caster trinket
 [Helm of the Fiery Conqueror]  [Crown of the Fiery Conqueror] Armor token
 [Helm of the Fiery Protector]  [Crown of the Fiery Protector] Armor token
 [Helm of the Fiery Vanquisher]  [Crown of the Fiery Vanquisher] Armor token
 [Eternal Ember] Quest item
 [Living Ember] Trade goods
 [Crystallized Firestone] Currency
 [Smoldering Egg of Millagazor]  [Smoldering Egg of Millagazor] Mount
Shared boss loot  [Shatterskull Bonecrusher]  [Shatterskull Bonecrusher] Agility one-hand mace
 [Zoid's Firelit Greatsword]  [Zoid's Firelit Greatsword] Strength two-hand sword
 [Smoldering Censer of Purity]  [Smoldering Censer of Purity] Spirit staff
 [Eye of Purification]  [Eye of Purification] Spirit one-hand axe
 [Avool's Incendiary Shanker]  [Avool's Incendiary Shanker] Agility dagger
 [Entrail Disgorger]  [Entrail Disgorger] Agility dagger
 [Firethorn Mindslicer]  [Firethorn Mindslicer] Caster sword
Trash mobs  [Spire of Scarlet Pain] DPS caster staff
 [Lava Bolt Crossbow] Crossbow
 [Chelley's Sterilized Scalpel] Caster dagger
 [Ranseur of Hatred] Agility polearm
 [Obsidium Cleaver] Strength one-hand axe
 [Riplimb's Lost Collar] Agility leather belt
 [Hide-Bound Chains] Agility mail bracers
 [Apparatus of Khaz'goroth] Strength trinket
 [Firebound Gorget] Strength necklace
 [Scales of Life] Stamina trinket
 [Theck's Emberseal] Tank ring
 [Pattern: Boots of the Black Flame] Tailoring pattern
 [Pattern: Don Tayo's Inferno Mittens] Tailoring pattern
 [Pattern: Endless Dream Walkers] Tailoring pattern
 [Pattern: Grips of Altered Reality] Tailoring pattern
 [Pattern: Clutches of Evil] Leatherworking pattern
 [Pattern: Dragonfire Gloves] Leatherworking pattern
 [Pattern: Earthen Scale Sabatons] Leatherworking pattern
 [Pattern: Ethereal Footfalls] Leatherworking pattern
 [Pattern: Footwraps of Quenched Fire] Leatherworking pattern
 [Pattern: Gloves of Unforgiving Flame] Leatherworking pattern
 [Pattern: Heavenly Gloves of the Moon] Leatherworking pattern
 [Pattern: Treads of the Craft] Leatherworking pattern
 [Plans: Emberforged Elementium Boots] Blacksmithing plans
 [Plans: Eternal Elementium Handguards] Blacksmithing plans
 [Plans: Fists of Fury] Blacksmithing plans
 [Plans: Holy Flame Gauntlets] Blacksmithing plans
 [Plans: Mirrored Boots] Blacksmithing plans
 [Plans: Warboots of Mighty Lords] Blacksmithing plans


Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-09-14): Flamewaker Subjugator and Animator packs in the Firelands will now behave as intended. As Flamewaker Subjugators become damaged, Flamewaker Animators will be attackable, and must be killed quickly to prevent a significant buildup of Unstable Magma.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Added.



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