Start Moira Thaurissan
End Moira Thaurissan
Level 50-60
Category Dark Iron Dwarf
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [50-60] Molten Core
Next A [50-60] Forged in Fire an' Flame


Speak with Moira at the Stormwind Embassy to travel to the Firelands and empower the Fragment of the Molten Core.


Alright, the hard part should be behind us, <name>.

Now, we just need tae take that Molten Core fragment ye recovered into Firelands an' charge it up by Ragnaros' old swimmin' pool.

Dinna worry! I'm sendin' Anvil-Thane Thurgaden with ye.

Just give me a nudge when ye're ready.


You will receive: 23g 40s


I hope ye're nae afraid o' a little bit o' fire.


High Justice Grimstone calls himself the Herald o' Ragnaros now, does he? That traitor will rue the day he turned his back on the Dark Iron dwarves.


On accept:

Thaelin Darkanvil says: We're nearly ready tae repair the Black Anvil. Now we just need tae charge the Core wit' the essence o' Ragnaros.

Talk to Moira:

Gossip (Quest) I am ready to go to the Firelands.

This begins the Firelands scenario.

The Bridgekeeper

  • Description: Approach the bridgekeeper.
  • Speak with the Bridgekeeper (0/1)

The player and Thurgaden arrive near the Sulfuron Span.

Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Ah, that's the stuff... the scent o' fire in the mornin'... an' noon, an' night. We need tae delve into the Firelord's lair tae get that Molten Core charged up.

Approaching the Sulfuron Span, there is a Dark Iron Cultist standing in front of it.

Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: What's the meanin' o' this?
Dark Iron Cultist says: Anvil-Thane?!
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Who ordered the bridge closed? Who's in charge 'ere?
Dark Iron Cultist says: Uh... Well, ye see...
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Enough o' yer hemmin' an' hawin'. Spit it out, lad!

The cultist becomes hostile and attacks. Kill him.

Cult of Ragnaros

  • Description: Defeat the cultists and their allies.
  • Defeat the cultists and their allies (0/100%)
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Right. Let's get that bridge up. Think I know just the spell...

Thurgaden activates the Sulfuron Span bridge. Kill Blazing Elementals, Molten Giants, Flamewalker Sentinels, Ancient Core Hounds, and more Dark Iron Cultists in the Sulfuron Keep Courtyard.


Enter Sulfuron Keep. There are two Lava Bursters. The remains of Ragnaros can be seen in the lava pool where he spawns, and High Justice Grimstone stands in front of it.

Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Grimstone... What in the Core is goin' on here? Where is Smolderon?
High Justice Grimstone says: All in due time, Anvil-Thane. Ye know as well as I that the Queen-Regent is soft. Weak.
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Tread carefully, Harrold. Ye're walkin' on hot coals with talk like that.
High Justice Grimstone says: Show some respect! Ye will address me by me title.
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Fine. Tread carefully, Herald. Ye blaspheme against our rightful leader.
High Justice Grimstone says: Rightful leader? There's nae fire in Moira's veins. Our rightful leader is the true Lord o' Flame, not some Bronzebeard whelp... nor a pretender to his throne.
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Ragnaros?! Ye mean tae bring that tyrant back? When the Sorcerer-Thane tried that, he--
High Justice Grimstone says: While Thaurissan did nae lack fer vision, his folly was tryin' tae control the Firelord. Instead, we must serve him in all things.
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Ye think that ragged band o' embers ye gathered will impress him? I believe we snuffed out most o' yer rabble cultists on our way in here.
High Justice Grimstone says: When the true Firelord rises again, all faithful Dark Irons will heed his call. Do ye mean tae oppose us?
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: Yer darn well right I do!
High Justice Grimstone says: Very well. Nae sense in further pleasantries then.

Herald of Ragnaros

  • Description: Defeat High-Justice Grimstone.
  • High-Justice Grimstone slain (0/1)

Grimstone becomes hostile and attacks. When his health is reduced nearly to zero, he retreats:

High Justice Grimstone says: Fie on ye! Mark me words... the Firelord will have his due. See ye then... old friend.

Flames of Ragnaros

  • Description: Approach the lava pool to infuse the Molten Core with the power of Ragnaros.
  • Approach the lava pool to infuse the Molten Core with the power of Ragnaros (0/100%)
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: This is grave news, <name>. Grimstone and his fanatics workin' tae bring Ragnaros back... Thought he'd know better.
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: But first things first. We need tae get that Molten Core charged up so we can fix the Black Anvil.

Stand at the pool's edge, as flames rise to charge up the fragment. As soon as the meter hits 100%, a mole machine arrives.

Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: That should do it! Let's get outta here.
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: I'll get our finest scouts lookin' fer Grimstone. We need tae stop that mad bastard before he brainwashes more followers!

Use the Mole Machine to Stormwind to return to Moira at the Embassy.


  1. A [50-60] Blackrock Depths
  2. A [50-60] The MOTHERLODE!!: Ironfoe
  3. A [50-60] Molten Core
  4. A [50-60] Firelands
  5. A [50-60] Forged in Fire an' Flame
  6. A [50-60] Dark Iron Dwarves

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