Firelands Hatchery.

The Firelands Hatchery[38, 53] is a grotto in the Firelands where Sethria smuggled stolen eggs from Mount Hyjal to hatch her own hideous creations of birds of prey trained for war.[1] This area can only be accessed through the flamegate in the Flamewake.

Farden Talonshrike can be found at the top near the ledge with Aviana's Guardians. He makes sure to gather all the noble guardians and get them out of the cavern before it collapses on itself. Numa Skyclaw can be found at the bottom retrieving the fallen guardians.


This place is heavily phased.

Phase 1
  • The area begins this way and is used for the quest N [30-35] Flight in the Firelands.
  • Is empty of mobs with a few floating rocks having flag markers on them.
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
  • Phases after accepting N [30-35] Egg Wave and stays this way.
  • In this phase all mobs are removed and eggs appears throughout the region. Fiery boulders continue to fall.
  • Begins upon accepting N [30-35 Daily] Vigilance on Wings, identical to Wave Two.
  • Dubbed "daily wave" by an onscreen message.

Notes and trivia

  • Even though the place is supposed to collapse after leaving. It continues to survive and the flamegate will continue to work.
  • The quests in this area are a spoof on the Atari game Joust.

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