NeutralFirst Assault
Start Taran Zhu [71.2, 56.7]
End Suna Silentstrike [67.2, 52.2]
Level 25-35
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +100 Shado-Pan
Rewards Ilvl 429 shoulders
Previous N [25-35] A Foot in the Door
Next N [25-35] Pitching In, N [25-35] Seeing Red, N [25-35] Ranger Rescue, N [25-35] The Exile


Kill 6 Osul Sharphorns.


Now that we have had time to assess our enemies' weaknesses, it is time for us to deal the yaungol a direct blow.

Go and confront the Osul Sharphorn up the mesa to the west.

Let them know that we are here, and that we are not scared of their threats.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shoulder cloth panda b 01 red.png [Mistborne Pauldrons] Inv shoulder leather panda b 01.png [Mistlurker Pauldrons]
Inv shoulder mail panda b 01green.png [Earthmover Pauldron] Inv shoulder plate panda b 02.png [Goldtalon Pauldron]
Inv shoulder cloth panda b 01 red.png [Swampwalker Pauldrons] Inv shoulder leather panda b 01.png [Steppebeast Pauldrons]
Inv shoulder mail panda b 01green.png [Osul Peak Pauldron] Inv shoulder plate panda b 02.png [Temple Guardian Pauldron]
Inv shoulder plate panda b 02.png [Palewind Pauldron]

You will receive: 11g


Day and night, the plains ring with the sound of their barbarian rituals.


Well done, <name>. I hope you showed those cretins no mercy.



Pick up N [25-35] Running Rampant and N [25-35] Perfect Pitch before heading out.

On accept of all three:

Taran Zhu says: <Name>, there is a situation to the south that requires my immediate attention.
Taran Zhu says: When you are finished with your duties, report to Ban Bearheart. I am leaving him in command for the duration of the mission here.
Taran Zhu says: I will see you soon.
He and Taoshi walk away.

Cross over to the northwest to reach Fire Camp Osul. Start killing yaungol, scaring yaks and mushan, and looting Pitch Pots for Dark Pitch. Yaungol, when trampled, take an additional 50% damage.

Suna and Ban at Fire Camp Osul

Ban Bearheart can be found at the southwest end of Fire camp Osul on the high bluff near the oil derrick alongside Suna. They are having a conversation:

Suna Silentstrike says: We should attack them now, Ban, while their eyes are set upon the gates of Kun-Lai.
Ban Bearheart says: Lord Taran Zhu just departed with the majority of our soldiers. Attacking now would be foolish.
Suna Silentstrike says: Have you forgotten that they are holding my husband prisoner? Time is running out!
Ban Bearheart says: Patience, Suna. I share your desire to stop the yaungol. But I must consider every soldier, not just your husband.
Suna Silentstrike says: Tcha! Why did Taran leave you in charge? You would have us cower in our bedsheets until the yaungol break down our very doors!
Ban Bearheart says: Lower your voice. It's no wonder Taran did not pick you for command. You take too many risks.
Suna Silentstrike says: But Lin is down there!
Ban Bearheart says: We will save him, Suna. I promise.


Optional breadcrumb: N [25-35] My Husband... -or- N [25-35] Beyond the Wall

  1. N [25-35] A Foot in the Door
  2. N [25-35] First Assault & N [25-35] Running Rampant & N [25-35] Perfect Pitch
  3. N [25-35] Seeing Red & N [25-35] Ranger Rescue & N [25-35] Pitching In
  4. N [25-35] Jung Duk

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