The First Ones are godlike beings[1] who created the cosmic realms[2] and shaped the cosmos.[3][4] Very little is known about them, but they are connected to other pantheons like the titan Pantheon and the Eternal Ones.[1]

They notably created the Shadowlands,[2] including Oribos[5][6] and Maldraxxus.[3] Their spirit obelisks and waystones can be found throughout the afterlives. The one in the Maw was reactivated from dormancy by a Maw Walker, to the great surprise of the Jailer who had thought it impossible for a relic of the First Ones to respond to a mortal.[7]

The Jailer is searching for a secret that the First Ones sought to hide, calling it the "final prize".[8]

The Jailer has recently managed to collect the five sigils of the Eternal Ones, which allowed him to reach the Sepulcher of the First Ones, a mysterious location containing their secrets.[9] According to Tal-Inara, if the Jailer killed the Arbiter, it would mean the end of everything the First Ones made.[10]

Notes and trivia

  • The  [Paths of the First Ones] is a book filled with speculation and half-truths, and talks about the pathways connecting the realms of Death.[11]
  • Their architecture is known for its geometric patterns.[5]
  • Pieces of a First One relic have been found on Azeroth.[12]


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