NeutralFish Frenzy
Start Nat Pagle
End Marcia Chase
Level 10-45
Category Fishing
Experience 16,450
Rewards  [Underlight Angler]
Previous N Fishing [10-45] The Dalaran Fountain

Fish Frenzy is the quest that rewards the  [Underlight Angler].


Follow Nat Pagle to the Gloaming Reef, then dispatch all of the fish in the area.

  • Speak with Nat Pagle in Dalaran
  • Gloaming Reef fish dispatched
  • Return to Marcia in Dalaran



<pant, pant>

You've got to see it! The fish, they're... they're everywhere!

Off the coast of Val'sharah, something's whipping them up into a frenzy.

I've never seen better fishing in my life!

I've got a boat down below. Grab your pole and I'll take you there!


You will receive: 19g 40s
Inv misc 2h draenorfishingpole b 01.png [Underlight Angler]


What in the world have you brought me?! Nat told you to ask me to turn THIS into a pole?

<Marcia takes the severed lure from you. As she holds it close to the pearl, it begins to resonate with it.>

That's interesting. There seems to be a connection between this and the pearl. Maybe turning this into a fishing rod can yield some interesting results...



  • Howdy.
  • How's about some fishing?
  • Ever dipped your foot in some water and it's really cold?

Gossip I'm ready. Take me to this fish frenzy of yours.

This will cause the player to enter a single-player scenario with Nat at the Gloaming Reef, off the shore of Val'sharah.

Stage 1 - Kill Murlocs

  • Slay all of the murlocs on the island.
Nat Pagle says: This is the place. Unfortunately it's teeming with murlocs.
Nat Pagle says: If you can take out those murlocs, it'll be easy fishing for the rest of the day.

Kill every last murloc on the island.

Stage 2 - Fishing

  • Fish up the Gloaming Frenzies.
Nat Pagle yells: You did it, <name>! Now let's fish up those frenzies!

Get 15  [Gloaming Frenzy] by fishing in the pools and killing the Underlight Deepfeeders that semi-frequently spawn.

Stage 3 - Delivery

  • Give Nat your Gloaming Frenzies.

Turn in the fish to Nat, at [36.9, 55.9] on the southwestern part of the island.

Nat Pagle says: As I was running around fishing up the frenzies, I noticed some bubbles over in this lagoon.
Nat Pagle says: I'm wondering if whatever's down there is what's been causing them to act up. Let's see if I can't rustle it up from where it's hiding.
Nat throws the barrel of fish into the water...

Stage 4 - What's below?

  • Fish up what's been disturbing the frenzies.
Nat Pagle says: Oh yea! There's definitely something down there. Let's fish it up, <name>.

Fish in the Roiling Whirlpool.

Stage 5 - Mglrrp

  • Slay Mglrrp.
Nat Pagle yells: What in the great sea is that thing?!
Nat Pagle yells: Quick! Kill it with fire or whatever it is you adventurers use!

Mglrrp spawns. Kill it.


Nat Pagle says: What a beast! And a great catch to boot!
Nat Pagle says: You know, that lure on the top of it's head would make for a great fishing rod...
Nat starts hacking off a part of Mglrrp.
Nat Pagle says: Yea, I know that may seem gross, but just look at it! Fish'll come flocking towards something like that.
Nat Pagle says: Here, you take it. Give it to Marcia in Dalaran. She's great at turning things into fishing rods.
Nat Pagle says: You can take my boat there to get back if you have no other means.

A Boat to Dalaran spawns - take it to return to Marcia in Dalaran.


  1. N Fishing [10-45] Luminous Pearl
  2. N Fishing [10-45] The Dalaran Fountain
  3. N Fishing [10-45] Fish Frenzy

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