Fisherfriend of the Isles is awarded to players who have reached Best Friend standing with all 6 fishing masters on the Broken Isles.

It awards the  [Underlight Emerald], which grants two hidden appearances for the  [Underlight Angler].


Each fisherfriend requires 560 turn-in items (without reputation bonuses) to go from stranger to best friend.

One fisherfriend appears daily, and the fisherfriends cycle in the order shown below.

Fishing masters
Fisherfriend Zone Reputation item
Ilyssia of the Waters Azsuna  [Fragmented Enchantment]
Keeper Raynae Val'sharah  [Corrupted Globule]
Akule Riverhorn Highmountain  [Ancient Totem Fragment]
Corbyn Stormheim  [Shiny Bauble]
Sha'leth Suramar  [Golden Minnow]
Impus Broken Shore  [Desecrated Seaweed]

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