Fishing Shack
Profession Fishing
Initial Build Cost Free
Level 2 Upgrade Cost 50 Garrison Resources & 300g
Level 3 Upgrade Cost 100 Garrison Resources & 500g
Benefit(s) Catch Fish
Fishing Shack Alliance.jpg
Alliance Fishing Shack

The Fishing Shack is available to players at level 94. After completing B Fishing [20-40] Anglin' In Our Garrison the fishing shack will unlock and be given to you for free. You will be able to fish in the waters around the shack and to catch any Draenor fish you use a lure for.

Getting the fishing shack to level 3 opens up the quest chain to recruit Nat Pagle as a follower.


The Fishing Shack provides support to those looking for their next big catch.

Building benefits

Level 1
Allows small Draenor fish to be caught in garrison waters and provides access to daily fishing quests.
Level 2
Allows medium Draenor fish to be caught in garrison waters.
Level 3
Allows enormous Draenor fish to be caught in garrison waters. Also grants you a chance to catch a unique fish that can be used to lure mysterious creatures onto the shore.



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Flavor NPCs

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