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Fishing pools, or Schools of Fish, are location objects found in different bodies of water in WoW that have a significance to the fishing profession. Typically, a higher portion of more desirable items can be fished within a fishing pool. Fishing pool is a more general term; School of Fish is a fishing pool that contains (primarily) fish. School of Fish can also mean a kind of critter object in WoW that is not directly fishable (but appears only in fishable waters), and so fishing pool is more specific as regards the fishing profession; School of Fish critter objects are not fishing pools.


Fishing pools are shallow cylindrical regions within fishable water. They designate small regions within fishable water that give better kinds of catches than the surrounding water. Some fish can only be obtained from Fishing pools.

In order to fish a Fishing pool, your bobber must be within the circular area on the surface of the water that defines the boundaries of the fishing pool. Only the top surface has significance for fishing.

To do this, face the pool, pole in hand. Cast, then if you want to only fish the pool, recast each time you miss. An AddOn such as Fishing Buddy can make this easier to do.

If your bobber lands close to the boundary of the pool, it may be unclear if it is within the pool or not. You can often tell from what you catch, but if you are in a hurry you may not want to wait.

Some of the uncertainty is from the 3-D nature of the pool. Depending on the type of pool, it may be partly outlined by fish critters swimming within the pool boundaries. These will be under the surface of the pool and from your point of view will appear to be offset toward you on the surface. Also, some of the defining graphics fade in and out, simulating the effects of light on water.

Another visual challenge is that the barrels and crates in a Floating Wreckage pool can somewhat obscure your bobber. Also, they are slightly bobbing, and can make your bobber seem to be bobbing prematurely relative to themselves. (Enabling sound effects can avoid this problem, if you're not near other fishers; just listen for the splash.)

Fishing pools never yield junk, even at a skill level of 1, and they give skillups just as fast as the surrounding water.

Fishing pools are not permanent, but appear and remain until fished out (like mineral nodes are mined out) then respawn at a different location. The respawn rules vary, some types have a delay, some do not.


Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor schools

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Bloodsail Wreckage  [Mithril Bound Trunk] Coastal Stranglethorn Vale
Firefin Snapper Pool  [Firefin Snapper] Coastal Various
Floating Debris  [Tightly Sealed Trunk] Coastal & Inland Azshara
Northern Barrens
Redridge Mountains
Silverpine Forest
Floating Wreckage  [Mithril Bound Trunk] Coastal Stranglethorn Vale
Greater Sagefish School  [Raw Greater Sagefish] Inland Eastern Plaguelands
Western Plaguelands
Mixed Ocean School  [Firefin Snapper] Inland Stranglethorn Vale
Muddy Churning Waters  [Zulian Mudskunk] N/A Zul'Gurub
Oily Blackmouth School  [Oily Blackmouth] Coastal Arathi Highlands
Blasted Lands
Hillsbrad Foothills
Swamp of Sorrows
Sagefish School  [Raw Sagefish] Inland Ashenvale
Silverpine Forest
Stranglethorn Vale
School of Deviate Fish  [Deviate Fish] Inland Northern Barrens
Schooner Wreckage  [Watertight Trunk] Coastal & Inland Ashenvale
Hillsbrad Foothills
Stonetalon Mountains
Speckled Tastyfish Pool  [Speckled Tastyfish] Coastal Stranglethorn Vale
Stonescale Eel Swarm  [Stonescale Eel] Coastal Blasted Lands
Swamp of Sorrows
Thousand Needles
Waterlogged Wreckage  [Iron Bound Trunk] Coastal & Inland Desolace
Dustwallow Marsh
Western Plaguelands

Muddy Churning Waters and Speckled Tastyfish Pools were removed in Patches 4.0.3 and 5.1.0 respectively.

Outland schools

Name Main Catch Zones Located
Bluefish School  [Icefin Bluefish] Nagrand
Brackish Mixed School  [Golden Darter]
 [Spotted Feltail]
Terokkar Forest
Highland Mixed School  [Golden Darter]
 [Furious Crawdad]
Terokkar Forest
Mudfish School  [Figluster's Mudfish] Nagrand
Pure Water  [Mote of Water] Nagrand
Steam Pump Flotsam  [Heavy Supply Crate]
 [Steam Pump Debris]
Zangarian Sporefish School  [Zangarian Sporefish] Zangarmarsh

Northrend schools

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Borean Man O'War School  [Borean Man O' War] Coastal Borean Tundra
Deep Sea Monsterbelly School  [Deep Sea Monsterbelly] Off Coast The Frozen Sea
Borean Tundra
Dragonfin Angelfish School  [Dragonfin Angelfish] Inland Dragonblight
Fangtooth Herring School  [Fangtooth Herring] Inland Howling Fjord
Glacial Salmon School  [Glacial Salmon] Inland Grizzly Hills
Glassfin Minnow School  [Glassfin Minnow] Inland Crystalsong Forest
Imperial Manta Ray School  [Imperial Manta Ray] Coastal Borean Tundra
Grizzly Hills
Moonglow Cuttlefish School  [Moonglow Cuttlefish] Off Coast The Frozen Sea
Musselback Sculpin School  [Musselback Sculpin] Inland Borean Tundra
Nettlefish School  [Nettlefish] Inland Sholazar Basin

Cataclysm schools

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Albino Cavefish School  [Albino Cavefish] Inland Deepholm
Algaefin Rockfish School  [Algaefin Rockfish] Coastal Twilight Highlands
Blackbelly Mudfish School  [Blackbelly Mudfish] Inland Uldum
Fathom Eel Swarm  [Fathom Eel] Coastal Uldum, Tol Barad
Highland Guppy School  [Highland Guppy] Inland Twilight Highlands
Mountain Trout School  [Mountain Trout] Inland Mount Hyjal
Pool of Fire  [Volatile Fire] Lava Mount Hyjal, Twilight Highlands
Shipwreck Debris  [Sealed Crate] Coastal & Inland Tol Barad Peninsula

Pandaria schools

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Emperor Salmon School  [Emperor Salmon] Coastal & Inland Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds
Giant Mantis Shrimp Swarm  [Giant Mantis Shrimp] Coastal Various
Jade Lungfish School  [Jade Lungfish] Inland The Jade Forest
Jewel Danio School  [Jewel Danio] Inland Timeless Isle
Krasarang Paddlefish School  [Krasarang Paddlefish] Coastal & Inland Krasarang Wilds, Valley of the Four Winds
Redbelly Mandarin School  [Redbelly Mandarin] Inland Townlong Steppes
Reef Octopus Swarm  [Reef Octopus] Coastal Various
Spinefish School  [Spinefish] Inland Various
Tiger Gourami School  [Tiger Gourami] Coastal & Inland Kun-Lai Summit

Draenor schools

The continent of Draenor is available to players with the Warlords of Draenor Warlords of Draenor expansion.

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Blind Lake Sturgeon School  [Blind Lake Sturgeon] Inland Shadowmoon Valley
Fire Ammonite School  [Fire Ammonite] Inland Frostfire Ridge, Nagrand
Jawless Skulker School  [Jawless Skulker] Inland Gorgrond
Blackwater Whiptail School  [Blackwater Whiptail] Inland Talador
Abyssal Gulper School  [Abyssal Gulper Eel] Inland Spires of Arak
Fat Sleeper School  [Fat Sleeper] Inland Nagrand
Savage Piranha School  [Savage Piranha] Coastal & Inland Ashran
Sea Scorpion School  [Sea Scorpion] Coastal Various
Felmouth Frenzy School  [Felmouth Frenzy] Inland Tanaan Jungle

Broken Isles schools

The Broken Isles is available to players with the Legion Legion expansion.

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Black Barracuda School  [Black Barracuda] Coastal Broken Isles
Cursed Queenfish School  [Cursed Queenfish] Coastal & Inland Azsuna
Highmountain Salmon School  [Highmountain Salmon] Coastal & Inland Highmountain
Mossgill Perch School  [Mossgill Perch] Coastal & Inland Val'sharah
Runescale Koi School  [Runescale Koi] Coastal & Inland Suramar
Fever of Stormrays  [Stormray] Coastal & Inland Stormheim

Kul Tiran and Zandalarian schools

The Kul Tiras and Zandalar schools are available to players within the Battle for AzerothBattle for Azeroth expansion.

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Great Sea Catfish  [Great Sea Catfish] Inland Kul Tiras and Zandalar
Tiragarde Perch  [Tiragarde Perch] Inland Kul Tiras
Lane Snapper  [Lane Snapper] Coastal Kul Tiras
Frenzied Fangtooth  [Frenzied Fangtooth] Coastal Kul Tiras
Redtail Loach  [Redtail Loach] Inland Zandalar
Slimy Mackerel  [Slimy Mackerel] Coastal Zandalar
Sand Shifter  [Sand Shifter] Coastal Zandalar

Several rare schools of fish related to the  [Underlight Angler], both in obtaining it and leveling it up:

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Ancient Highmountain Salmon  [Ancient Highmountain Salmon] Inland & Coastal Highmountain, Broken Isles
Ancient Black Barracuda  [Ancient Black Barracuda] Coastal Great Sea, Broken Isles
Ancient Mossgill  [Ancient Mossgill] Inland & Coastal Val'sharah, Broken Isles
Tainted Runescale Koi  [Tainted Runescale Koi] Inland & Coastal Suramar, Broken Isles
Ghostly Queenfish  [Ghostly Queenfish] Inland & Coastal Azsuna, Broken Isles
Oodelfjisk  [Oodelfjisk] Inland & Coastal Stormheim, Broken Isles

In addition, a handful of other fishing pools were added to newer zones later in the expansion:

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Viper Fish  [Viper Fish] Inland Nazjatar
Mauve Stinger  [Mauve Stinger] Inland Nazjatar
Ionized Minnow  [Ionized Minnow] Inland & Coastal Mechagon
Aberrant Voidfin  [Aberrant Voidfin] Inland Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Malformed Gnasher  [Malformed Gnasher] Inland & Coastal Uldum

Shadowlands Pools

Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

These schools are available to players within the Shadowlands expansion:

Name Main Catch Coastal or Inland Zones Located
Lost Sole  [Lost Sole] Inland All Shadowlands zones except for The Maw
Iridescent Amberjack  [Iridescent Amberjack] Inland Ardenweald
Silvergill Pike  [Silvergill Pike] Inland Bastion
Pocked Bonefish  [Pocked Bonefish] Inland Maldraxxus
Spinefin Piranha  [Spinefin Piranha] Inland Revendreth
Elysian Thade  [Elysian Thade] Inland All Shadowlands zones except for The Maw

Special Pools

There are some pools that, while visible at the water surface, are not used as a fishing resource. These may be used as quest objectives or to summon a boss. These have a slightly different appearance than normal fishing schools. A normal Fishing school will look like a circular outlined darker patch of water. A quest objective pool will look like a speckled surface area.


The following achievements require fishing from Pools:

Additionally some element of pool fishing is needed to complete these Achievements:

Patch changes

  • Wrath of the Lich King Hotfix (2009-04-16): Certain fishing nodes for one of the fishing daily quests should no longer be spawned on land.[1]
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.9.0 (2006-01-03): Schools of fish have appeared around the world that can be fished from a few times before being fished out.


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