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Fishing icon WoW Icon update.png Fishing (Profession)

A fishing trainer is an NPC that offers fishers the opportunity to train and learn recipes.

Landmass Trainer Location Coordinates Additional Information
Darkmoon Faire Neutral  Steven Stagnaro Darkmoon Island [52.6, 88.6] Only available during Darkmoon Faire.
The Maelstrom Cataclysm Neutral  KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe Town-In-A-Box
Sky Falls
Gallywix Docks
The Lost Isles
The Lost Isles
The Lost Isles
Teaches only up to Journeyman level.

Available only to starting Goblins.

Eastern Kingdoms Alliance  Lee Brown Crystal Lake Elwynn Forest [47.5, 62.3]
Alliance  Paxton Ganter Iceflow Lake New Tinkertown [62.2, 38.3]
Alliance  Whilsey Bottomtooth Stormglen Gilneas Only available during certain phases

of the Worgen-only starting quests.

Alliance  Warg Deepwater The Loch Loch Modan [40.6, 39.5]
Alliance  Matthew Hooper Lakeshire Redridge Mountains [27.0, 50.1]
Alliance  Harold Riggs Menethil Harbor Wetlands [8.1, 58.5]
Alliance  Arnold Leland The Canals Stormwind [55.1, 69.5]
Alliance  Grimnur Stonebrand The Forlorn Cavern Ironforge [48.5, 6.5]
Neutral  Myizz Luckycatch Booty Bay Cape of Stranglethorn [41.6, 73.4]
Horde  Clyde Kellen Brightwater Lake Tirisfal Glades [66.8, 50.2]
Horde  Katoom the Angler Revantusk Village The Hinterlands [80.4, 81.5]
Horde  Armand Cromwell The Magic Quarter Undercity [80.9, 31.2]
Horde  Drathen Bc icon.gif Walk of Elders Silvermoon [76.5, 67.8]
Kalimdor Alliance  Androl Oakhand Rut'theran Village Teldrassil [55.9, 93.5]
Alliance  Diktynna Bc icon.gif Ammen Ford Azuremyst Isle [61.1, 54.2]
Alliance  "Dirty" Michael Crowe Theramore Dustwallow Marsh [69.2, 51.8]
Alliance  Brannock Feathermoon Stronghold Feralas [45.2, 41.4]
Alliance  Astaia The Temple Gardens Darnassus [47.6, 56.7]
Alliance  Erett Bc icon.gif The Crystal Hall The Exodar [31.6, 14.8]
Neutral  KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe Bilgewater Harbor Azshara [57, 50.5] Teaches only up to Journeyman level.
Horde  Lau'Tiki Darkspear Strand Durotar [53.2, 81.5]
Horde  Uthan Stillwater Stonebull Lake Mulgore [44.5, 60.7]
Horde  Kil'Hiwana Zoram'gar Outpost Ashenvale [10.9, 33.7]
Horde  Lui'Mala Shadowprey Village Desolace [22.8, 72.4]
Horde  Lumak Valley of Honor Orgrimmar [66.6, 41.6]
Horde  Old Umbehto Valley of Spirits Orgrimmar [35.1, 67.4]
Horde  Kah Mistrunner High Rise Thunder Bluff [56.1, 47.0]
Outland Bc icon.gif Neutral  Juno Dufrain Cenarion Refuge Zangarmarsh [78.0, 65.3]
Horde  Zurjaya Zabra'jin Zangarmarsh [32.3, 49.6]
Northrend Wrath of the Lich King Alliance  Old Man Robert Valiance Keep Borean Tundra [57.8, 71.6]
Alliance  Byron Welwick Valgarde Howling Fjord [60.3, 64.0]
Horde  Fishy Ser'ji Warsong Hold Borean Tundra [41.8, 54.5]
Horde  Angelina Soren Vengeance Landing Howling Fjord [79.5, 27.2]
Neutral  Marcia Chase The Eventide Dalaran [52.8, 64.9]
Pandaria Mists of Pandaria Neutral  Ben of the Booming Voice Halfhill Valley of the Four Winds [58.9, 47.0]
Neutral  Nat Pagle Anglers Wharf Krasarang Wilds [68.3, 43.4]
Neutral  Master Lo Peak of Serenity Kun-Lai Summit [51.0, 40.2]

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