AllianceFizzcrank Fullthrottle
Image of Fizzcrank Fullthrottle
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 10-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Valiance Expedition, Alliance
Occupation Member of the Valiance Expedition
Location Fizzcrank Airstrip, Borean Tundra[57.0, 18.6]
Status Alive

Fizzcrank Fullthrottle is the main designer and builder of the Fizzcrank Airstrip in Borean Tundra, making it at the request of General Arlos in Valiance Keep. His second in command is Jinky Wingnut. Fizzcrank accidentally built a pump station right on top of a buried mechagnome site, sucking up Gearmaster Mechazod, one of the first gnomes ever created by "The Grand Architect", Mimiron, who began transforming the station's personnel into mechagnomes.

The very fact of Mechazod's existence unsettled Fizzcrank's view of gnomish history and evolution.[1]




I've got my hands full here at the moment, <class>.

What can I do for you?


  • He seems to use the  [Core Marksman Rifle], just like every other gnome guard in the game, so it is assumed his attacks are just as deadly as the guards at Toshley's Station.
  • In the phasing seen during the Heritage of Gnomeregan questline, Fizzcrank is missing from the airstrip, even though all the other regular NPCs seem to be present.

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