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FlagRSP2 AddOn

FlagRSP2 is an AddOn for World of Warcraft that allows players to add additional information about their characters into the game. It is designed to support role players and allow others with FlagRSP2 to easily see if the character is a role player or is even in character.

FlagRSP2 is a continuation of flagRSP 0.5.6 by Flokru. FlagRSP2 is a completely new code base and uses subroutines from flagRSP 0.5.6 and code from AF_Tooltip.

FlagRSP2 Version 2.2.3 Download - - Full Release! Copy the "flagRSP2" folder into your World of Warcraft AddOns folder. Before selecting your character and entering the game, flagRSP 0.5.6 must be disabled.

If you really like this AddOn and would like to help support it, there is something you can do. You can help by providing clear bug reports that try to accurately describe the problem; screenshots are helpful. Email: washuu [AT] gmail [DOT] com