BossFlamebender Ka'graz
Image of Flamebender Ka'graz
Title <Shaman of the Burning Blade>
Gender Female
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Burning Font, Blackrock Foundry
Status Killable

Flamebender Ka'graz is a boss in Blackrock Foundry, and the second boss in the Black Forge wing. Ka'graz uses her shamanistic abilities to enhance countless weapons to be used by the Iron Horde.

Adventure Guide

Under the banner of the Iron Horde, Blackhand has enlisted Flamebender Ka'graz of the Burning Blade to imbue the Blackrock-forged armaments with the essence of flame. Along with her assistant Aknor Steelbringer, Ka'graz toils before an ever burning forge in support of the Iron Horde's conquest of Draenor.

Objective of


Flamebender Ka'graz gains energy over time, unlocking new abilities at given thresholds. At 100 energy, Ka'graz channels a Firestorm, fully consuming her energy and beginning the cycle anew.

Dps icon.png Damage Dealers

  • Ranged damage-dealers should beware Lava Slash, which chains to nearby allies.
  • When Ka'graz reaches 25 Molten Energy, help split the damage of Molten Torrent.
  • If afflicted with Blazing Radiance, move away from other players.
  • Destroy Cinder Wolves before Ka'graz reaches 100 Molten Energy.

Healer icon.png Healers

  • Spread out to avoid Lava Slash, which chains to nearby allies.
  • When Ka'graz reaches 25 Molten Energy, help split the damage of Molten Torrent.
  • If afflicted with Blazing Radiance, move away from other players.
  • At 100 Molten Energy, Firestorm will inflict heavy raidwide damage.

Tank icon.png Tanks

  • When Ka'graz reaches 25 Molten Energy, help split the damage of Molten Torrent.
  • When the Cinder Wolves spawn, one will become Overheated and must be tanked.
  • The Overheated Cinder Wolf's Charring Breath increases the damage of the next Charring Breath.
  • The Overheated Cinder Wolf cools off after 20 sec and a new Cinder Wolf becomes Overheated.


  • Molten Energy Important — Flamebender Ka'graz gains energy over time allowing her to access even more powerful abilities. She gains abilities at 25, 50, 75, and 100 Molten Energy. 
  • Spell burningbladeshaman molten torrent.png  Molten Torrent Deadly — Flamebender Ka'graz creates a meteor of molten lava that impacts after 6 sec inflicting 650000 Fire damage split evenly among all players within 8 yards. Granted at 25 Molten Energy. 
  • Item summon cinderwolf.png  Summon Cinder Wolves — Summons forth Cinder Wolves to do Flamebender Ka'graz's bidding. Granted at 50 Molten Energy. 
    • Cinder Wolf
    • Ability fixated state red.png  Fixate — A Cinder Wolf has set his attention on an enemy. Lasts 10 sec. 
    • Ability mage firestarter.png  Fiery Link — A fiery beam connects the Cinder Wolves. Contact with the beam inflicts Singe. 
      • Inv summerfest firespirit.png  Singe — Inflicts 10000 Fire damage every 1 sec. for 8 sec. This effect stacks. 
    • Inv misc volatilefire.png  Rekindle Important — When the Cinder Wolves life is depleted it begins to Rekindle, healing 50% of the Cinder Wolf's life if there are any living Cinder Wolves. 
    • Inv elemental mote fire01.png  Overheated Tank Alert — The Cinder Wolf has absorbed enough heat energy to become Overheated increasing movement speed by 150% and Physical damage dealt by 50% for 20.50 sec. Also allows the use of Charring Breath. 
  • Ability monk breathoffire.png  Charring Breath Tank Alert — Inflicts 50000 Fire damage to all targets in a cone in front of the caster. Increases damage of the next Charring Breath by 200%. This ability stacks. 
  • Spell burningbladeshaman blazing radiance.png  Blazing Radiance — Inflicts 40000 Fire damage to all allies within 10 yards every 2 sec. Granted at 75 Molten Energy. 
  • Spell shaman stormearthfire.png  Firestorm Deadly — Inflicts 17550 to 18450 Fire damage to all enemies every 0.5 sec. for 12 sec. Each Cinder Wolf alive when the channel begins also inflicts 17550 to 18450 Fire damage to all enemies every 0.5 sec. Granted at 100 Molten Energy. 
    • Spell fire meteorstorm.png  Magma Monsoon — Firestorm creates motes of lava that coalesce into molten orbs that rain down every 2 sec. for 30 sec., inflicting 71250 to 78750 Fire damage to all enemies within 3 yards of the impact. 
    • Ability garrosh whirling corruption.png  Flamefury Tank Alert — Consuming all of Flamebender Ka'graz's Molten Energy she empowers her blade to inflict Rising Flames for 50 sec. 
      • Spell fire flameblades.png  Rising Flames Tank Alert — Inflicts 11000 Fire damage every 1 sec. for 8 sec. This ability stacks. 

Flambender Ka'graz

  • Spell burningbladeshaman lavaslash.png  Lava Slash Important — Inflicts 78487 to 82513 Fire damage to all targets within 7 yards of the impact and leaves behind an area of flame that inflicts 50000 Fire damage to any enemy standing in the flames. In addition, any player within 6 yards of the eruption is also targeted with a Lava Slash. 
  • Inv sword 1h firelandsraid d 04.png  Summon Enchanted Armaments — Summons forth a blazing sword wreathed in flames that casts Unquenchable Flame every 3 sec. 
    • Spell shaman lavasurge.png  Unquenchable Flame — Inflicts 95000 to 105000 Fire damage every 3 sec. to enemies within 6 yards. 
    • Inv sword 2h pvpcataclysms3 c 01.png  Empowered Armament — The Cinder Wolves' Fiery Link empowers the Enchanted Armament, inflicting 11875 to 13125 Fire damage to players within 6 yards every 0.5 sec. for 9 sec. In addition, the Armament spews forth molten lava at a random player every 0.5 sec. for 9 sec., inflicting 43500 Fire damage. 

Aknor Steelbringer

  • Trade archaeology ogre2handedhammer.png  Devastating Slam — Inflicts 219375 to 230625 Physical damage to all enemies in a frontal cone 15 yards in front of the caster. 
  • Inv hammer 17.png  Drop the Hammer — Aknor leaps towards a random player and slams his hammer down inflicting 100000 Physical damage to anyone within 10 yards of the impact and knocking them back. 


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Raid Finder Normal/Heroic/Mythic
Item Type Item Type
 [Magma Monsoon Mace] Agility one-hand mace  [Ka'graz's Burning Blade] (H · M) Strength two-hand sword
 [Steelbringer's Polished Shield] Caster shield  [Dagger of Blazing Radiance] (H · M) Caster dagger
 [Maw of Charring Breath] Plate helmet  [Molten Edge Eviscerator] (H · M) Agility dagger
 [Choker of Oozing Wounds] Tank necklace  [Choker of Bloody Flame] (H · M) Caster necklace
 [Scorched Gauntlet Liners] Leather bracers  [Fiery Links of Courage] (H · M) Tank necklace
 [Lava-Crushing Grips] Plate gloves  [Flamebender's Shoulderguards] (H · M) Leather shoulders
 [Bloodsteel Warbelt] Mail belt  [Charbreath Firecloak] (H · M) Strength cloak
 [Cinderhide Belt] Leather belt  [Flamefury Gauntlets] (H · M) Plate gloves
 [Magma-Mauled Leggings] Mail leggings  [Grips of Rekindling] (H · M) Mail gloves
 [Fixated Treads] Cloth boots  [Firestorm Legplates] (H · M) Plate leggings
 [Captured Flickerspark] Spirit trinket  [Leggings of the Molten Torrent] (H · M) Cloth leggings
 [Ebonflame Robes] Cloth chest  [Treads of Rekindled Flames] (H · M) Mail boots
 [Sootfur Harness] Leather chest  [Cinderwolf Signet] (H · M) Agility ring
 [Ashlink Hauberk] Mail chest  [Seal of Unquenchable Flame] (H · M) Tank ring
 [Blacksteel Chestplate] Plate chest  [Horn of Screaming Spirits] (H · M) Strength trinket
 [Chest of the Iron Conqueror] (H · M) Armor token
 [Chest of the Iron Protector] (H · M) Armor token
 [Chest of the Iron Vanquisher] (H · M) Armor token
 [Flamebender's Tome] Quest item

Related Achievements


My work. You've interrupted my WORK!
Aknor Steelbringer dies
Aknor! You are an embarrassment to your clan.
  • Burn!
  • Your flesh feeds the fire.
  • Iron and flame!
Summon Cinder Wolves
  • Come my pets.
  • Feeding time!
  • I have more friends for you to meet!
That's enough! You will burn... You will ALL burn!
Killing a player
  • Another falls to my blade!
  • Too hot for you?
Your bodies will make good kindling.
My flame... burned too bright.
Aknor obtained
You defeated her! You have proven yourself to me and saved me from a life of toil at the forge. I pledge my life to you <name>.
Unused quotes
  • Quickly, Aknor, bring me another. Blackhand will not tolerate any delays.
  • Work complete!
  • Glory to the Blackrock!
  • Let flame kiss your tender flesh!


Flamebender Ka'graz in the Winter Veil spirit.


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