Image of Flamegor
Race Black drake (Dragonkin)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Black dragonflight
Location Crimson Laboratories, Blackwing Lair [38.6, 47.9]
Status Killable

Flamegor is the third of the three drakes in the Crimson Laboratories of Blackwing Lair after Ebonroc and before Chromaggus. In common with Firemaw and Ebonroc he can drop the Tier 2 gloves along with other epic items. Commonly referred to by players as the "Loot Pinata" due to the ease of this fight.


When tanking Flamegor measures have to be made, as with the other drakes, to protect against wing buffet and [Shadow Flame]. Onyxia Scale Cloaks were recommended, at least for all warriors before the DoT component of Shadow Flame was removed. Flamegor will enrage a-la Magmadar, which can be removed with [Tranquilizing Shot]. He has a fire effect, Fire Nova , which will do around 550 fire damage to all raid members. This ability is used roughly every five seconds and only when enraged.


The fight is in many ways more simple than Firemaw as the debuff does not stack and therefore tanks do not need to hide to lose debuff stacks. As of patch 1.11, it is no longer possible to avoid the Fire Nova by utilizing line of sight, so it will damage all members of the raid when it is active. He only does the Fire Nova when enraged, which can be dispelled by Tranquilizing Shot (previously looted from Lucifron). Flamegor will enrage every 10 to 15 seconds, so it is critical that multiple hunters have a well-coordinated Tranquilizing Shot rotation. Otherwise he does no more damage than Ebonroc. Tank him like Firemaw, the enrage debuff can get 1k + dmg on your raid if not dealt with fast enough. Have a dedicated healer for the off tanks and hunters, they will be taking the most fire and wont have time to care for themselves.

Avoid shadow flames.


Items marked with a * in the table are shared between Firemaw, Ebonroc, and Flamegor. Only two Tier 2 gloves will drop between the three drakes each reset.

Item Type
 [Bloodfang Gloves]* Rogue Rogue Tier 2 gloves
 [Dragonstalker's Gauntlets]* Hunter Hunter Tier 2 gloves
 [Gauntlets of Ten Storms]* Shaman Shaman Tier 2 gloves
 [Gauntlets of Wrath]* Warrior Warrior Tier 2 gloves
 [Handguards of Transcendence]* Priest Priest Tier 2 gloves
 [Judgment Gauntlets]* Paladin Paladin Tier 2 gloves
 [Nemesis Gloves]* Warlock Warlock Tier 2 gloves
 [Netherwind Gloves]* Mage Mage Tier 2 gloves
 [Stormrage Handguards]* Druid Druid Tier 2 gloves
 [Circle of Applied Force] Agility/strength finger
 [Dragon's Touch] Caster wand
 [Emberweave Leggings] Agility/intellect mail legs
 [Herald of Woe] Strength 2H mace
 [Shroud of Pure Thought] Spirit back
 [Styleen's Impeding Scarab] Parry trinket
 [Scrolls of Blinding Light] Paladin Paladin trinket
 [Drake Talon Cleaver]* Strength 2H axe
 [Drake Talon Pauldrons]* Strength/Agility plate shoulder
 [Rejuvenating Gem]* Spirit trinket
 [Ring of Blackrock]* Spirit finger
 [Taut Dragonhide Belt]* Agility/dodge leather waist
 [Shadow Wing Focus Staff]* Spirit/spell power staff


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