The Flamewake.

The Flamewake transforms into a part the Regrowth blessed by Aessina.

The Flamewake[38, 53] was once a large forest in Mount Hyjal, but it was burned by the fire elementals. Lava Surgers and Core Hounds roamed the scorched land destroying any hope of life that could sprout from the ground. Nemesis, a befouled turtle god created by the Twilight's Hammer, patrolled the land.

Nordu is the oldest tree in Hyjal and stood in the center of the forest for thousands of years. He could be found being assaulted by fire elementals on Nordune Ridge, directly east of Ashen Lake. Nordu was completely burned except for his core, that wouldn't last much longer.

After completing the quest N [30-35] Aessina's Miracle at the Grove of Aessina, the area of The Inferno and the Flamewake becomea the Regrowth, and all enemies that existed in the areas (including in Ashen Lake) were removed.

This area has the flamegate that leads to the Firelands Hatchery.

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